lay-bys for local buses

UT Administration introduced lay-bys for local buses

The UT administration will implement a system of bus lay-bys in Chandigarh. These are adopted on the template of abroad city areas. The project is expected to be finished within three months.

Such lay-bys will construct on numerous ranges by the engineering department. In this regard, a tender in sectors 4, 27,19,21,22,23,42,51, Dakshin Marg, Shanti Road, sector 46, has been floating at multiple locations.

These are to be built at a cost of Rs 22.17 lakh according to the administration. The Transport Department, in the last meeting of the Road Safety Committee, recommends that the lay-bys be carving out near bus-queue shelters on the significant roadways of the city, based on the availability of space.

A senior engineering division official said the tender bidding would open on August 10th. “As soon as the tenders release and the contractor qualify, these will take almost three months to build. Once created, we’ll expand them to other locations where space allows, “the official said.

Traffic Problem in Chandigarh

Chandigarh has more than 11 lakh automobiles registered, with a demographic of 10.55 lakh. Houses owning at least one car or a two-wheeler are as many as 86 per cent. Just 16 per cent of those who use motor vehicles rely on public transport, as opposed to the 80 per cent recommended in the National Urban Transport Strategy. If an efficient public transit network is in place at the earliest, the share of public transit will further decrease according to the Master Plan 2031 report. Commuting has become difficult and time-consuming in the absence of efficient public transport.

A Bus Rapid Transport Network has been into consideration. They fear, however, that the city’s huge proportion of roundabouts would be an impediment. They raise concerns about how the green cover would affect. UT Transport Undertaking adds to its bus fleet. It proposes to increase bus frequency to boost service on all relevant routes. Recently about 1.76 lakh commuters use daily CTU buses.

Lay-bys in Chandigarh

When the roads will have the lay-bys, the buses will stop there. They will pay fine for stopping down elsewhere on the route as well. The decision is under consideration bearing in mind the incidents by authorickshaws and buses unexpectedly slowing in the midst of passing vehicles.

Dakshin Marg has undergone a considerable issue, in specific the extension toward Zirakpur. Busses and rickshaws frequently stop near the roundabout of Sector 35, which would otherwise not be a fixed location for them. That causes a slowdown, particularly during peak times of traffic.

Buses stop on the main road itself also at the housing board point, contributing to traffic congestion. At certain locations, the traffic police have reserved spaces to stop buses and auto rickshaws to prevent accidents.

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