Top masters courses in Panjab University Chandigarh

Top masters courses in panjab university chandigarh for postgraduate aspirants.

Panjab University (PU) is a renowned university in Chandigarh, India, that is jointly sponsored by the central and state governments. After the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, the University of Punjab, Lahore, which was founded in 1882, was relocated to India. 

For nearly a decade, the institution lacked its own campus, which was finally built in 1956 on a red sandstone site planned by Pierre Jeanerette under the supervision of Le Corbusier. The institution maintains its own radio station, which serves to unite various groups within the university community, including students, faculty, and the general public.

Panjab University Chandigarh has become an enviable center of higher education thanks to their highly skilled faculty and dedicated ministerial and other staff masters courses in panjab university chandigarh. 

Arts, Commerce, Science, Computer Education, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Business Administration are all offered at the university. Postgraduate courses in Information Technology, Economics, English, Public Administration, Commerce, Music Instrumental, Music Vocal, and Dance are available at panjab university chandigarh. 

A variety of career-oriented classes are also available, including Functional English, Functional Hindi, Principles and Practices of Insurance and Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Sales Management.

Masters courses in panjab university chandigarh

Master of Science (MSc)

MSc is a two-year postgraduate degree program offered by universities and colleges in a variety of science subjects, including physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, botany, biotechnology, microbiology, environmental sciences, food sciences, and life sciences.

Students with a Master of Science degree have scientific as well as professional entry-level proficiency. The students in their chosen specialty will get advanced theoretical and practical expertise through this course. Students usually choose the MSc specialization that they studied during their undergraduate studies.

The panjab university chandigarh provides MSc in subjects such as Medical Physics, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Computer Science, Physics & Electronics, Geology, Fashion and lIfe technology, Bioinformatics, Environment Science, Human Genomics, Nuclear Medicine, Microbial Biotechnology, Medical Physics, Forensic Science & Criminology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Instrumentation, and Statistics.  

Eligibility for the course

Admission is available to those who have finished a B.Sc degree with a minimum of 50% (Pass or Hons.) exam. of the Panjab University or any other exam recognized by Panjab University as equivalent. Admission will be based on grades earned at graduation. The grades gained in the entrance exam and the qualifying degree exam will be given equal weighting.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility Criteria: 50% marks in BSc or Bsc(hons)

Admission process: Entrance exam

Type of the course: Full time

Total seats: 15-200 (varies from course to course)

Master of Arts (MA) in panjab university chandigarh

MA stands for Master of Arts, and it is a postgraduate degree available to those who have completed their bachelor’s degree (also known as, undergraduate degree). 

Various colleges and universities in India and overseas offer the degree in a variety of specializations. The humanities and social sciences are the most popular fields of study at the graduate level.

There are several masters courses in panjab university chandigarh for MA aspirants such as Human Rights, English, Geography, Economics, History of Art, Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archeology, History, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies, Public Administration, Defence, and strategic studies, Sociology, and Police administration. 

Also, there are Gandhian and peace studies, Comparative studies of religion, Women’s studies & development, Governance and leadership, Vocals, Instrumental, Communication, and Education.

The university caters to MA in languages such as French, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Urdu and Russian along with MA in Indian Theatre.

Eligibility for the course

MA is a specialized programme that provides students with an in-depth understanding of the topic they have chosen. The following are the requirements for admission to an MA programme:

Holders of a bachelor’s degree (ideally in the arts) with a minimum 3 years of duration. The degree must come from an Indian university approved by the UGC (University Grants Commission).

At the graduate level, a minimum of 45 percent ( 40% for SC/ST) aggregate is required. tHe admission is based on the PU CET PG exam.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility Criteria: 45% marks at graduate level ; 40% for SC/ST category

Admission process: Entrance exam

Type of the course: Full time

Total seats: 20-150 (varies from course to course)


Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm)

The M.Pharm is a two-year post-graduate program that focuses on the topic of pharmaceutical science. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of how to produce medicines, assist in the treatment of patients, and advise patients on the use of medications, side effects, dosage, as well as other topics as part of this curriculum. 

Graduates of the M.Pharm Pharmaceutics programme can pursue careers in a range of disciplines. Students who complete this course can work as instructors, government employees, researchers, and so on. After earning your M.Pharm, you can pursue a Ph.D. in Pharmacy or another field of concentration.

The panjab university chandigarh offers M.pharm in specializations such as Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical analysis, and Quality assurance.    

Eligibility for the course

This program is open to students who have finished their B.Pharm with a minimum of 50% in the aggregate. Admission to colleges is based on both entrance tests and merit. Thus, the panjab university chandigarh provides admission for M.Pharm on the basis of the PU CET PG exam.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility Criteria: 50% marks in B.Pharm

Admission process: Entrance exam

Type of the course: Full time

Total seats: 10 (each course)

Master of Commerce (MCom)

MCom (Master of Commerce) is a postgraduate programme designed for applicants interested in banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI), as well as accounting and commerce. The two-year course digs further into the economy’s functioning, capital, revenue, commerce, taxes, and other topics covered in BCom. 

Because MCom is such a specialised field, it is only open to individuals who have completed BCom or BCom (H). For CA/CS applicants, MCom is also a viable alternative. However, while CA/CS courses can be studied after Class 12, not many CA/CS hopefuls seek MCom.

MCom/ MCom (Hons) is preferred by prospective teachers, lecturers, as well as researchers. For MCom degree holders, UGC-NET/JRF and Ph.D. are two common possibilities. An entrance exam indeed is required for MCom admission at elite universities. Many colleges provide admission to the programme on the basis of merit. Because the MCom course is mostly about numbers, graphs, and computations, an aspirant must possess strong analytical abilities and a passion for numbers.

Panjab university chandigarh offers masters courses for commerce in specializations such as Business Economics and Business Innovation.

Eligibility for the course

A candidate must have a B.Com./B.Com. (Hons.)/BBA with an aggregate of not less than 45 percent or a Graduate with Honours in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, or Commerce with an aggregate of not less than 45 percent.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility Criteria: 45% marks at graduate level ; 40% for SC/ST category

Admission process: Entrance exam

Type of the course: Full time

Total seats: 40-120 (varies from course to course)


Master of Education (M.Ed)

MEd, or Master of Education, is a masters course in panjab university chandigarh that focuses on novel teaching approaches and educational research. Instruction, curriculum, counseling, leadership, as well as educational technology, are some of the topics covered in the program. The National Council of Higher Education is the governing authority in charge of the MEd program (NCHE). 

The MEd program lasts two years and is divided into four semesters. Some universities/colleges, on the other hand, offer a one-year MEd program. Moreover, candidates who complete the MEd programme can work as counsellors, administrators, headmasters, and other positions after graduation.

Eligibility for the course

B.Ed with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks from a recognised institution or any other equivalent degree from an affiliating institution or teaching department under any UGC-approved university are also eligible to apply for admission to the M.Ed Panjab University offers a training course.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility Criteria: 50% marks in B.Ed

Admission process: Merit

Type of the course: Full time

Total seats: 105

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)

Master of Philosophy, sometimes known as MPhil, is a two-year postgraduate academic research program. An MPhil can be pursued by candidates from any field – humanities, commerce, science, law, teaching, and so on. Aspirants to the MPhil program must study both theoretical and practical areas. Candidates must also undertake studies and present the results of their research. Candidates can indeed pursue a PhD programme after finishing an MPhil programme.

There are masters courses in panjab university chandigarh for aspirants of M.Phil in specializations such as Ancient History culture & Archeology, Defence & Strategic Studies, Economics, English, Gandhian Studies, Geography, Guru Granth Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Physical Education, Police Administration, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Punjabi, Sociology, and Statistics. 

Eligibility for the course

Those interested in pursuing an MPhil program must first complete the eligibility requirements. Candidates must have obtained at least 50 percent in the subject in which they wish to pursue an MPhil degree at the postgraduate level. The candidates must appear for the entrance exam.

Duration: 18 months/ 1 year /2 years

Eligibility Criteria: 50% marks in B.Phil

Admission process: Entrance exam

Type of the course: Full time

Total seats: 150


Master of Laws (LLM) in panjab university chandigarh

An LLM, or Master of Laws, is a degree available for persons who complete additional education and study in a specific area of law and already hold a professional law degree. 

Lawyers may enroll in LLM programs to obtain knowledge in a certain field, develop their careers, and expand their professional network. Information technology, tax law, financial services, international law, environmental law, as well as commercial law are all examples of LLM programmes. 

Panjab University offers a Master of Laws (LLM) program, which is generally known as the LLM program. This course is available in both a one-year and two-year format. Graduates with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) who want to pursue distinct specializations in the field of law can enroll in LLM courses. 

The program concentrates on a few legal areas that the candidates have chosen. Hence, the goal of the course is to impart instruction on trademark practice and trademark law in India and around the world.

Eligibility for the course

Candidates must have completed a five-year LL.B./ B.A.LL.B./ B.Com.LL.B. examination with a minimum of 55 percent or a comparable examination from any recognised university.

Furthermore, admission is primarily based on the entrance exam, with the test accounting for 80% of the marks and qualifying for the entrance exam accounting for the remaining 20%.

Duration: 1 year

Eligibility Criteria: 55% marks in BALLB/BCOMLLB/LLB

Admission process: Entrance exam

Type of the course: Full time

Total seats: 46

Master of Technology ( M.E./M.Tech)

M.E. stands for Master of Engineering, while MTech stands for Master of Technology. MTech is a professional postgraduate engineering master’s degree program granted to individuals after they have completed two years of engineering education. This degree is indeed based on a specific engineering field.

The ME/MTech degree is available in India in a variety of specialties. Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, VLSI, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, and also others are among these specialisations.

The University Grants Commission of India (UGC), the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and the National Board of Accreditation govern this master’s degree in India (NBA). Engineering entrance examinations at the national, state, as well as institute levels, are grounds to admit students to ME/MTech programs by technical institutes and universities in India.

The panjab university chandigarh offers specialization in masters courses such as Information Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Cyber security, Mechanical Engineering, Micro Electronics, Material Sciences, Electrical (Power System), Electronics & Communication Engineering, Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Polymer, Mathematics Science, Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation, and Biotechnology.

Eligibility for the course

Punjab University provides full-time MTech programmes in a variety of fields. The MTech programme lasts four years, and admission to PU MTech 2021 is dependent on the university’s PU-CET (PG) 2021. A candidate must have B.E./B.Tech. with 50% criteria.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility Criteria: 50% marks in B.E/B.Tech

Admission process: Entrance exam

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