Why three schoolgirls of Chandigarh launched ‘Project Chayya’

The three schoolgirls of Class-XII of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh, has initiated a programme to effectively alleviate the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the vulnerable and underprivileged people.

Project Chayya by three schoolgirls


The initiative was to acquire and distribute about 400 kilograms of dry rations, including 1,000 facial masks, 2,500 sanitary napkins, and 200 bottles of hand sanitizers. The venture is called Project Chhaya and was lead by Ganya Sandhu, Tanmya Deswal and Vanshika Gautam to help the families residing in slums and shelters. The three schoolgirls helped over 900 individuals throughout the Tricity and covered 11 distinct areas.

Situation of underprivileged

The lockdown in the country has adversely affected marginalized communities. Due to the loss of income, livelihood and lack of food, housing, health, and other essential needs, many families are finding it difficult to survive.

While the administration has the duty to protect the welfare and quality of life-being of the people. There are other actions that have left tens of thousands of migrant labourers out of jobs. Also shutting down rail and bus networks has made a huge impact on their lives. With the general closure of State borders, the availability of basic commodities has disrupted. This is causing inflation and fear of supply problems.

Other Initiatives in Chandigarh over the Covid-19 course

In May 2020, Rehmat Swami, a 17-year old student of Class 12 Chandigarh girl donated 5000 sanitary napkins in the hotspot of Chandigarh, Bapu Dham Colony. At that moment, the area was a containment zone of Chandigarh. Rehmat pledged to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene and promote the use of sanitary napkins.

On a different approach, Chandigarh Press Club helped Tricity less fortunate in lockdown by starting a community kitchen for the needy for a period of two weeks. They prepared meals for 800 people. They were further assisted by the UT Administration in the distribution of food to the areas surrounding Sector 11. Khuda Ali Sher, and sector 11.

Another heart-touching initiative was witnessed when the City-based NGO ‘I Am Still Human’ led by Vivek Mehra celebrated Eid with migrant workers. The NGO provided a beautiful message of respecting all the religions at the same level. They distributed Free Ration to 2000 needy Families and Free Sanitizers & masks to over 5,00,000 people. Rec

Recently Sector 17 traders became a part of the cleanliness campaign in Chandigarh to promote Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s instruction of conducting a week-long ‘Uncleanliness, Out of India’ campaign until Independence Day in commemoration of the ‘Swaraj’ achievement following the Quit India movement.

Likewise, let’s hope that more & more organisation may come forward to help the people that are directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

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