Rise in serious offences, since curfew ended

Since the loosen up of curfew, Chandigarh has been witnessing a rise in serious offences, reporting at least 352 cases, such as 294 under the Indian Penal Code ( IPC) and 58 under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), Weapons Act, Excise Act, etc.

The rise in serious offences includes a malicious firing at the residence of the liquor baron ‘s brother Arvind Singla in Sector 33, firing at a liquor sale in Sector 9, robbery of Rs 7.60 lakh from the Union Bank of India ATM, nine robberies and two murder cases.

Spike in Criminal Offenses

On March 24, the curfew was imposed at Chandigarh. It lasted until midnight May 3. According to police files, during most of the 40-day curfew duration, only 16 cases were there under the Indian Penal Code ( IPC), involving robberies, snatching, attack, etc.

Sources said, “In-car theft and robberies cases the city was experiencing a rapid spike. There has been theft of thirty-two automobiles between 4 May and 19 June, such as two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Furthermore, “As people break into homes and steal the valuable items, fifteen house robberies were also there during that time along with nine thefts. This involved killings, alleged killings, police managed to apprehend and classify several criminals in the category of horrible crime.

Chandigarh police official Charanjeet Singh, Deputy Police Superintendent (DSP), said, “There are some factors behind the crime wave. We interrogate suspects to determine motives. During Covid-19 duties in Chandigarh when the lockdown was implemented, police were appointed to ensure social distancing. After the lifting of the curfew, police officers have restored their deterrence and crime detection duties. All the reported cases are under investigation. The town has encountered a spike in cases.

Sources said that because late-night discos, clubs, hotels were not open for a long time, criminals have shifted their focus towards people involved in the liquor business.

Earlier, there was extortion, and threatening calls to owners of late night clubs.

Records show police have been successful in 21 seizures of narcotics including charas, heroin. Moreover, along with 24 cases of illicit liquor seizures post-lockdown till June 19.

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