UT Administration excluded 3 plastic products from banned list

The administration released a notice in 2019, prohibiting single-use plastic products such as containers, bottles, plates, ribbons, and buntings along with others. Recently, the UT administration has excluded 3 plastic products from the list of banned products.

Layered plastic used for snack packaging, containers for desserts, and earbud sticks has been included in the banned items.

The UT Administration has taken three plastic goods off the list of prohibited items offering relief to certain manufacturing companies.

Under Section 5 of the Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986, any person who violates the prohibition will face the following circumstances, such as the closure, prohibition or regulation of any industry, operation or process; or the stoppage or regulation of electricity or water supply or any other service.

Plastic Products excluded from banned list

In a partial amendment to the circular released in January this year, UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore kept three products made of plastic such as refill packet with quantities below 500 ml, straws paired with tetra packs and multi-layered packages in use for snacks or chips packing must be under the Extended Producer’s Responsibility (EPR), rather than the ban list.

 Chandigarh administration had announced a ban on so many single-use products of plastic in the city. UT Administration has removed 3 products from the list and given the manufacturers a chance to discover a substitute.

A senior Environment Department official, UT, said producers could not seek alternatives to these goods because of the nationwide lockdown. The UT Administration moved those items to the EPR category at the manufacturers’ appeal. The handling of those plastic products will be the manufacturer’s concern.

Items banned in the region encompass single-use plastic kitchenware, thermocol or Styrofoam plates, single-use plastic bottles, plastic (marketed in the name of silver/aluminum) bag/pouch for meal packing, drinking water enclosed glasses and plastic mineral water pouch, single-use razor blades, single-time use pens, use of thermocol for decorations and use of plastic material for decorative items.

NGT mandates that individual who uses, buy, or distribute, plastic shall pay a penalty of Rs 5,000.

No individual, including a shop owner, retailer, wholesaler or distributor, merchant, hawker or rehriwala, and so on. They shall not manufacture, store, purchase, distribute, ship, supply, or utilize any plastic products issued, apart from particular items.

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