Aim of planting 2.55L saplings in Chandigarh

The aim of planting 2.55L saplings in Chandigarh has been approved by UT administration under the Greening Chandigarh Action Plan for 2020-21. The administration added almost 2,000 more plants into the previous year’s plan.

In the previous year, the administration had a target of the plantation of 2.53L trees in Chandigarh. However, the management achieved the surplus task by planting and distributing almost 2.80L saplings across Chandigarh.  

The City beautiful Chandigarh is known for its ample greenery. The forest management and UT administration act under Greening Chandigarh Action Plans every year. The aim of the plan is to maintain and enhance the Greenery of Chandigarh.

The Greening Chandigarh Action Plan 2020-21

The Greening Chandigarh Action Plan is made by UT administrator each year for plantation of a huge number of saplings in Chandigarh.

The plan is to be released in June.

The plan promotes plantation of medicinal plants and indigenous species of plants in Chandigarh.

The exotic plants will not be promoted under the plan this year. As after the achievement of the surplus of last year’s target.

Forest management is going to adopt a new way of distribution this year.  More than five saplings will be given to the eligible persons, free of cost. In case, anyone requests for more than five saplings then they must have enough space at their place for the trees to grow.  

The plants will be delivered by the administration at their doorstep.

The Plan of 2020-21 was prepared by Deputy Conservator of Forest, Abdul Qayum. He reported that the management will maintain the record of the location of the saplings given for plantation.

The decision for keeping a record of location was made after the applications submitted by some RTI activists demanding exact locations of the plantation.

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