Chhatbir Zoo is losing 1.8 lakh daily

The Chhatbir Zoo is losing 1.8 lakh daily due to the nationwide lockdown. It is home to many endangered animals and birds. The animals and birds of the zoo are suffering because of the pandemic lockdown.

The Chhatbir Zoo is losing 1.8 lakh daily due to the nationwide lockdown. It is home to many endangered animals and birds. Click To Tweet

Chhatbor Zoo has been created out of Chhatbir Protected Forest in 1977. The Zoo has rare species of wildlife of captive breeding. The park also encourages research and awareness about the wildlife. It is the largest zoological park in north-western India.

This Zoological park is an ideal place for a relaxing family picnic or school trip. The zoo provides battery-vehicles, cycling, and free of cost wheelchairs. The Zoo has a canteen and a restaurant too.

It is an attractive spot for photographers to take amazing shots of the animals and birds.

The park has a population of about 1000 beautiful animals and birds.

The Wildlife

Chhatbir Zoo has many primates, big cats, deer, antelopes, and so on.

It is a home for reptiles like gharial, and endangered crocodiles including long and narrow snouted crocs. The presence of Python and Sand Boa attracts many snake lovers.

The Zoo also provides a Deer and Lion Safari under affordable rates. Here, you will experience a closure to the deers and lions.

The species of Mongolian and white-crested Khaleej is also there. The elephants, hippopotamus, ostriches, porcupines, bears, otter, and many other animals are a pleasure to watch.

There are different species of alluring birds residing in the Zoo. They have different sizes, colors, and patterns. It is an amazing experience to come across.

Major loss due to the pandemic

Due to the nationwide lockdown, there are no visitors for the Zoo. This made a huge impact on the funds of the park. The administration of Zoo claims that the Zoo has been pushed two years back due to the losses.

Consequently, the zoo had no earning in the last 55 days. The authorities are almost out of savings. The administration manages the animals and pay wages to the caretakers under these savings.

Every month the animals consume meat, grains, fodder, fruits, and vegetables worth Rs. 30 lakh. Although the Punjab government is assisting the Zoo authorities by providing them grants.

The annual expenses of the Zoo are nearly Rs 18 to 19 crores. The Punjab government contributed around Rs 6.5 crores to 7 crores in the last fiscal.

The authorities requested for a relief from the government in depositing the earnings of zoo after deducting the expenses.

The Zoo might not be opened till June or the end of July. Therefore, it is a crucial and tough phase for both the Zoo administration and the animals.

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