Around 2,000 people challaned for not following COVID-19 safety standards in a month

Even after a three months lockdown and a massive surge in COVID-19 attack on human lives, several individuals are yet not following safety standards by the authorities.

According to the guidelines for preventive measures for Coronavirus, the administration made it compulsory for everyone to wear masks while stepping out as well as maintain social distancing.

However, some individuals who have not been following safety norms and not only risking their lives but also others’ lives.

Consequently, Mohali police have been imposing fines on the people violating the preventive norms in the city.

About 2,000 people were given challans by the Mohali police for offences such as not wearing a protective face mask, spitting in public areas, and not maintaining social distance. The officials gathered a sum of Rs 6.73 lakh from the offenders.

Fine Amount

The Administration has been providing the amounts of fine for the violators of standard safety norms.

If not maintaining social distancing- Rs. 2000

In Case of spitting in public places- Rs. 500

For people not wearing masks- Rs. 500

A police spokesperson revealed this when praising 80 public volunteers for providing a remarkable contribution to Mission Fateh ‘s progress. Such volunteers support the officers in spreading awareness during the COVID-19 pandemic at nakas and checkpoints.

The district police were also providing useful service under the supervision of SSP Kuldeep Singh Chahal in upholding Mission Fateh ‘s progress by ensuring stringent measures against those who don’t wear masks, spitting in public areas and failure to keep the social distance.

The challans were released from May 20 to June 21, the spokesperson said. There were almost 2,155 people not wearing face masks and cops received a total of Rs6,61,400 from them. In the same way, 43 people were to pay fine for spitting in public places and leading to a collection of a total of Rs4,300. Four people have been under questioning for not preserving social distance and they have received a quantity of Rs8,000.

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