Coronavirus enters Chandigarh’s biggest slum area

Coronavirus enters Chandigarh’s biggest slum area in Colony Number 4 in Industrial Area, Phase I. The nationwide lockdown phase acted as a barrier in the increase of COVID 19 patients, on the contrary, the Unlock led to a sudden rise in such active cases. Countless people are losing their lives due to Coronavirus daily. We have to take strict preventive measures as Unlock doesn’t mean that the virus is non-existential.

There is a major hike in the number of COVID 19 patients in Chandigarh. Recently, the Colony Number 4 situated nearby Elante Mall and Industrial Units, has reported a Coronavirus patient.

A pregnant woman was found COVID 19 positive who has recently delivered a baby boy on June 11. The people who came in contact with the woman have been tracked down by the UT administration. The woman came here from Delhi to stay with his brother on June 4. All the individuals including family members and the driver of auto-rickshaw who took them to the hospital has been identified.

The suspected persons are there at the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32 for medical checkups and testing. There are almost 7000 residents in the area.

Moreover, the UT administration has shifted and isolated almost 45 people from the area. The residents are at the hospital for medical screening. Almost 15 out of 45 people have been in contact with the woman and are under isolation in a hospital.

Besides, the samples of the individuals under suspicion are with the officials. The neighbors of the woman are in a quarantine center at a government school located in Raipur Kalan.

The Coronavirus panic in the biggest slum of Chandigarh

The administration is analyzing the area for vulnerable people in the locality of the woman. These vulnerable people will get to a safer place for monitoring for 14 days.

The Colony is a very congested area and lacks proper sanitation. However, the administration has taken charge to overcome such issues in the locality. There is a lack of hygiene in the area. The colony has nearly 3200 slums and 7000 residents, due to that it is hard to maintain social distancing in the locality.

Also, there is a community tap for water supply which makes social distancing difficult. The families residing in the slum area uses one single stand post for water supply. The slums are glutted in the area and the authorities are struggling to conduct the medical screenings.

However, the administration is trying to screen as many people as possible. The community tap can be a source of spread of Coronavirus in the area. According to the report, the woman also came in contact with the community tap daily. This tap has been under use by all of the residents as well.

There was a regular interaction between the family members and the other residents of the area. Thus, the administration is taking all the required actions. Also, the testing is at pace and the authorities are trying to provide required medical assistance to the residents.  

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