14 days home quarantine for outstation Panchkula visitors

On Monday, the administration made 14-day self-home quarantine compulsory for all Panchkula visitors who intend to stay here for more than 72 hours. A guest who breaches residential quarantine may get transfer to institutional quarantine and can face fines or even prison under the Disaster Management legislation.

DC Mukesh Kumar Ahuja issued guidance because of the increase in COVID-19 cases in Panchkula due to outside visitors.  

“It is necessary and proper not only to have identification of these visitors on the official portal but also to guarantee home quarantine for at least 14 days by all individuals who come from Haryana or other states to Panchkula district and stay in the district for yet more than 72 hours,” read the guideline.

It specifies individuals from other districts are expected to follow quarantine for at least 14 days upon their entry here.


A recent rise in cases of COVID-19 in Panchkula is due to patients who have returned or who have been in touch with people like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc.

DC has issued guidelines to visitors to control the movement of individuals to control the spread of Coronavirus.

Visitors arriving in Panchkula from other states for more than 3 days (72 hours) must register on https:/edisha.gov.in/eforms/RegIncomingPersons. The visitors from other states / UTs staying in Panchkula would be under home-quarantine for at least 14 days. Exception only for the government workers who attend Panchkula offices.

The notice reads, “The district of Panchkula has seen a massive spike in a set of positive cases. The majority of people have a background of hotspots such as Delhi, Faridabad, Ahmadabad, and Mumbai, who visit Panchkula.

Over 61 of the 141 cases in Panchkula until Tuesday have traveling past to hotspots like Delhi, Gujarat and Mumbai. The government remains suspicious of the significant number of people from the hotspots slipping in and appearing positive here.

As the emergence of persons from hotspots has resulted in a rise in the coronavirus caseload. Deputy Commissioner issued an order for individuals to register themselves on the ‘edisha’ portal of the administration.

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