What will happen to salon services in Tricity?

The Tricity Salon and Spa Association is battling against the salon services providers in Tricity that could be booked via mobile app. This is leading to a row between the individual services providers and the 500 businesses providing spa & salon services in Tricity.

The Tricity has been shut down after the Janta Curfew because of COVID-19. Businesses like salon and spas have incurred financial losses beyond repair. Not only have they lost their clientele but some of the workers have lost their jobs as well to return to their hometowns.

This is one profession that could not be categorized under “Work From Home” as it solely depends on dealing with customer upfront.

Already concerned over the reopening scenario, salon services in Tricity are worried about not making enough to let their businesses survive. Especially, if the individual hairstylists continue to advertise and provide home services.

Many of the weddings have been postponed due to the lockdown in the Tricity. As we know that salon services cost a big hole in your pocket when it comes to bridal packages. These services are one of the most revenue-generating sources to salons in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. But with individual service providers at the ease of clients home, these businesses might not be able to revive their businesses that quickly.

Also, a frenzy has been seen in the people about going to the salons as it could be a host to coronavirus. Many people, at a time, uses salon services and nobody knows about other person’s symptoms. Neither the person knows about it in the initial stages. It is imperative to install and use Aarogya Setu App that literally means to bridge from freeness from the disease.

As a consequence of this, instead of risking their lives , people might opt for the home services provided by the individuals.

Amar, an owner of a studio and spa in Mohali, stated his concern, “We have information that freelancers associated with beauty services at home apps have started operations. These unlawful operations in the Tricity may spread the virus due to the unregulated movement of freelancers and they will not only put the client at risk but will also increase the risk of infection among the households.”

The dilemma that will further rise in the future is that if the salon services in Tricity choose to stay closed for the sake of their health, their families’ health and well-being of the society then they risk losing our clientele.

But If they reopen for the clients and their business, they’ll put themselves at risk too.

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