Unlock 3.0 in Chandigarh shuts down Sukhna Lake on Weekends

The UT Authority, which releases its new Unlock 3.0 regulations, said that the night curfew would continue to be in place from 10 pm to 5 am. Moreover, Sukhna Lake remains shut on weekends to avoid overcrowding.

UT Administrator VP Singh Badnore agreed to order strict limitations in the city for control of the virus following in-depth discussions with medical professionals, senior officials, and public representatives.

New Unlock 3.0 Regulations

Following a refreshing analysis by the approved Committee, led by the Finance Secretary, UT, the administration also agreed to reintroduce the odd-even system in congested markets.

The whole market must stay close by 8 pm. However, food outlets can stay open until 9 pm. Also, exclusion will remain for important shops including chemists and essentials shop.

UT consultant Manoj Parida also has given a proposal of three new micro-containment zones because of the rise in the number of cases of COVID19 in Chandigarh.

The Ministry of Education, Family Welfare, and Social Secretariat has announced that the yoga and gymnasium will open only from August 5 with the standard operating procedures to ensure social distancing and other precautions.

The authorities also have announced that the campaign against masks is stepped up. The UT police did a collection of more than 8,000 challans and they recovered nearly Rs45 lakh due to the violations.

Penalty for violation

Any infringement of the instructions, apart from any operation pursuant to Section 188 of the IPC and any other statutory provisions applicable, shall be punishable under the laws of the Disaster Management Act of 2005.

New Regulations in Unlock 3.0

  • The night curfew will continue from 10pm to 5 am
  • Sukhna Lake will stay inaccessible on weekends to avoid overcrowding
  • The Odd-even system will continue for the markets in congested areas
  • Owners should close all the markets by 8 pm; however, the food outlets can stay open by 9 pm
  • Also, yoga centres and gyms will be opened from August 5

What remains closed in Unlock 3.0?

  • The schools, colleges, as well as coaching institutes will stay shut till August 31
  • Also, cinema halls, swimming centres, theatres, bars and clubs, community halls, and other public gathering venues will remain closed.
  • No permission for public events such as Social, political, sports, academic, entertainment, cultural, religious, and other gatherings.

Three micro-containment zones

The administrator said it was important to detect people with COVID 19 infection early in order to ensure prompt care. He instructed the Deputy Commissioner to enable resident health associations and volunteers to identify these cases. He instructed Police Director Sanjay Beniwal to impose tighter monitoring of external visitors, who might be COVID 19 carriers.

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