Trees and electricity poles are becoming death traps in Zirakpur

In the last 20 days, trees and electricity poles are becoming death traps in Zirakpur. Motorists are having a hard time driving on the roads of the town. 3 youths have lost their lives in road accidents due to trees, electricity poles and hoardings standing in the middle of roads in Zirakpur.

Zirakpur, Dhakoli, Gazipur, Baltana and Peer Muchalla areas have become a recurring cause of road mishaps for speeding as well as over-speeding vehicles. Several precious lives have been lost because drivers are not familiar with the area.

Even though many have faced a tremendous loss of life, yet the administration stays with closed eyes about this problem.

On the way to Gazipur in Zirakpur, one can spot an electricity pylon right in the middle of the road. From K-Area to Dhakoli, a power-pole and a tree stand right in the middle of the road.

Recent deaths in Zirakpur

On April 10 in Dhakoli, two youths passed as their car hit a tree in the middle of the road. On March 21 in Gazipur, a 30-year-old driving a motorcycle died after his bike rammed into an electricity pole standing in the centre of the road near the Sukhna river bridge. The brother of the victim alleged that the victim was hit by an unidentified vehicle before ramming into the pole. But nothing of such sorts came forward after the Police investigated the case and checked the CCTV footage.

A resident of Jamuna Enclave, Zirakpur, said that “The administration, PSPCL, MC and the traffic police have adopted a callous attitude towards addressing the issue.”

Mohali deputy commissioner Gurpreet Kaur Sapra, stated that she had constituted a joint team of electrical and forest department, along with Municipal Council, to come to a solution on the issue but nothing has been done yet.

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