Best Shopping Places in Chandigarh That Have You Reaching Your Wallet

Chandigarh is divided into countless sectors, providing 20 best places for shopping in Chandigarh that have you reaching your wallet. Besides being so incredibly stunning, the city is proud to be our nation’s fashion centre. There are plenty of things to buy from the best and famous shopping places in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh – The Shopping Paradise


Chandigarh provides excellent and fair deals apart from being the paradise for everyone who is drawn to contemporary fads, enthusiasts of world-renowned brands, designer clothing stores, and street shopping in every market. With local people’s negotiating skills, particularly after the city’s air has developed and breathed significant discounts for residents of the city are not uncommon.

20 Best Shopping Places in Chandigarh


The City Beautiful is not only an influential hub for today’s young people, but it is also regarded as Punjab’s fashion zone for shopping in Chandigarh. It is a central place for the shopping by not only locals but also citizens in the surrounding states, without shortages or with the range of items to be purchased. 

Shopping Plaza, Sector 17 – Best Place for Shopping in Chandigarh


The Shopping Plaza, Sector 17 is the Best Place for Shopping in Chandigarh. This ‘Pedestrians Paradise’ has something for any kind of shopper, from high-end fashion labels to classic. Shopping Plaza is not only a shopping hub, but it’s also renowned for its well-designed architecture with breathtaking fountains, and the series is stealing from beautiful sculptors. The place offers a variety of things to buy in Chandigarh.

In addition to the countless stores, the markets in Chandigarh have some fantastic cafés and restaurants where after a fatiguing shopping day you can enjoy sumptuous food. It is also one of the best-recognized havens for young people from the town who love to visit the shopping area.

What to buy in Chandigarh shopping plaza : Branded shoes, sports goods, Clothing, Gems, Jewelry, Handcrafted products.

Shastri Market, Sector 22 – Best Market in Chandigarh


The Shastri market in Sector 22 is one of Chandigarh’s oldest and most popular shopping avenues. The major shopping benefit here is that in contrast to the centres in Chandigarh you can get wonderful products at half the price. Simply put your negotiating hat and shop to the quality of your heart.  It is known as a cheap market in Chandigarh and provides budget-friendly goods. 

In this experienced industry, there is no shortcoming in the variety and product selection. You will find beautiful Phulkaris, Punjabi stylish juttis, cotton dresses, shiny accessories, and beautiful oxidized jewels during your shopping trip to this centre.

What to buy in chandigarh shastri market: Clothing, Artificial Jewelry, Handcrafted goods, Punjabi traditional goods.

Sadar and Palika Bazaar, Sector 19


Sadar Bazaar and Palika Bazaar both are situated in Chandigarh Sector 19, making this a major budget shopping destination. These shopping places in Chandigarh are regarded as a paradise for consumers that makes shopping fun without too much spending.

The shopkeepers prefer all these busy markets as all the clothing, shoes, accessories, decoration products sold here are very cheap. This makes it the cheap market in Chandigarh.  In addition, you could save you a few bucks, which you can spend on delicious street food at these markets in Chandigarh if you use your negotiating skills correctly.

What to buy in Chandigarh Sadar and Palika bazaar: Clothes, Footwear, Home décor, Craft items, Gifts, Accessories, and Cosmetics.

Rehri Market, Sector 15


This market in Chandigarh is based on the same lines as the Shastri market in the area and is easily accessible to everybody. The Rehri market is proud of being a host for all customer needs, from clothes to shoes and household items.

What to buy in Chandigarh Rehri market: Clothing, Footwear, Household goods.

Furniture Market, Sector 34


Just as the name suggests, your urban interior needs are all on the market. As one of the best furniture markets in Chandigarh has a wide variety, the industry rarely experiences disgruntled customers. The cheap goods often work their appeal on the market to draw more visitors.

The Furniture Market has shown over and over with consumer feedback that clearly shows more than pleased buyers that it is one of the core pieces. It would be unlikely for this business to fail if it had genius furniture tricks and fair prices.

What to buy in chandigarh furniture market: Furniture items, Home Décor.

Patel Market, Sector 15


The market is one of the best shopping places in Chandigarh, also a centre of shopping lovers is another place for the young people of the region. The exclusive brands and their exclusive footwear and clothing range never fail to draw the best crowd in town providing a variety of things to bug in Chandigarh.

This market in Chandigarh is located near the university and is a shopping destination for students and youths. Patel market is one of the favourite young people on the market, taking into account university students ‘ needs such as fashionable bags, apparel, footwear, accessories, and other items.

What to buy in chandigarh patel market: Handbages, Clothes, Accessories.

Krishna Market, Sector 41


The Krishna market, not just for youth, has always focused on different age groups, from children to young people to the old in town. This market is best known for shopping in Chandigarh for its range of western wear. The place has a variety of clothing and footwear at a reasonable price. 

What to buy in Chandigarh Krishna market: Clothing, Footwear

Car Market, Sector 7


Sector 7 is the basic car market in the city. It’s nothing in this market if it’s filled with cars and more vehicles. This market deals with all types of used vehicles, from the insignificant Maruti 800 to the breathtaking Audis and Mercedes. The Sunday car bazaar in the area has customers all over the city and is quite a standout.

What to buy in Chandigarh car market: Best car deals

General Market, Sector 11


Sector 11, which is considered to be the city’s main market, is bordered by modest showrooms. This market is once again fulfilling every customer’s needs, but the market is also blessed with some excellent street food hubs.

What to buy in Chandigarh market: Clothing, gifts, footwear, household items

Honey Hut, Sector 22


The Honey Hut is heaven for enthusiasts of organic food. This small area is best known for producing jams and juices but also for selling aromatic teas and other honey items. You have to visit this place in Chandigarh; it has an incredible set.

What to buy in Chandigarh honey hut: Exotic honey items, organic foods, aromatic teas.

Glass Palace, Sector 7


It’s as fascinating as it’s attractive outside. The Glass Palace is one of Chandigarh’s finest furniture stores and offers some of the stylish furniture you’d ever seen. This place is also famous for all, from cosy bedroom chairs to luxurious desks. It is a well-known place for shopping in Chandigarh.

What to buy in Chandigarh glass palace: Mirrors, Glasses, Home décor, interior items.

Punjab Government Emporium


Punjab Government Emporium is a stopover to shop for Punjab souvenirs and Punjab ‘s traditional clothes as well as lets you get in touch with the authentic state culture. You can also find the well-known Phulkari dupattas, a gorgeous hand broken and one of the must-have for Punjab’s ladies.

What to buy in Punjab Government Emporium: Punjab’s traditional clothing and footwear.

Gujarat Handlooms and Handicrafts Emporium


The Gujarat Handlooms and Handicraft Emporium is a stream that brings a little more of Gujarat’s distinct culture to Chandigarh. This distinguished site was built in 1996; since then, besides traditional handcrafts, it has sold an unexpected amount of wood, brass, metal, and painted crafts. The place also is one of the best for shopping Chandigarh.

What to buy in Chandigarh Emporium: Traditional handlooms

Pal Footwear


It’s not full the fun to be so close to Punjab without getting any state exclusivity when you leave. To do this, in Chandigarh the traditional Punjabi footwear is a must buy. Pal Footwear will easily display a wide variety of this juttis in various styles and also colours.

What to buy in Chandigarh pal footwear: Traditional and modern footwear

Elante Mall


Elante Mall is one of the local ‘s favourites, a great mix of fashion, movies, decoration, and food. The high-end mall attracts young people mainly under high niche apparel brands, trendy nightclubs, numerous cuisine delights, as well as huge cinemas. It’s one of the biggest shopping malls in Chandigarh and helps tourists to shop all day without having to think about it.

What to buy in Chandigarh elante mall: Branded Clothing, Accessories, Electronic appliances, and much more

DLF City Centre


The DLF City Center Mall offers a fun shopping experience in Chandigarh, the location for brand lovers. The mall also has it all inside its grounds, bars, branded showrooms and cinema hall. The large parking area offered by the mall also contributes to the mall’s charm.

What to buy in Chandigarh DLF city centre: Branded Clothing, Household items, Home décor, Footwear, etc.

VR Punjab


 VR Punjab is full of luxury stores with designer brands such as Adidas, Hidesign, Biba, Park Avenue and many more. For those with an open budget, shopping at this stage is usually endless. This centre is even more attractive with food outlets offering delicious food and cinemas with the gold class option.

What to buy in Chandigarh VR Punjab: Branded clothing, accessories, cosmetics, footwear.

Paras Down Town Mall


Zirakpur also grows quickly in the vicinity of Chandigarh. The mall that comes with the name Paras Downtown is in Zirakpur. The mall stands well, but the absence of a popular food court does not do well for itself because of the existence of some respected brands and a good movie theatre.

What to buy in Chandigarh Paras Down Town Mall: Clothing, Cosmetics, Accessories, footwear, electronics, and household items.

Centra Mall


Another famous center in the area is the Centra Mall, which brings PVR cinemas to the City of Chandigarh. The major labels and the wonderful showrooms are less the problem, but thanks to the internal cinema hall, it gathers good crowds.

What to buy in Chandigarh Centra mall: Clothing, footwear, household items.

Decathlon Sports


The store offers various sports gear under one roof. The items are quite cheap and affordable. The Staff is courteous.

It’s a heaven for sports enthusiasts. You have the remedy either in crickets or balls of food or even in mountaineering.

It’s like outdoor and indoor activities, you have all the sports equipment here. Here are great brands. It is on the NH and is very spacious in the best section. For all sportsmen and gymnastics, it is a must-see spot.

What to buy in Chandigarh Decathlon Sports: sports gear, sports clothing and footwear.

Conclusion – Best places for Shopping in Chandigarh


The above list clearly shows Chandigarh ‘s love and facilities for shopping. However, shopping in Chandigarh is the best experience, surrounded by the city’s friendly crowd, has an individual charm. Such areas are best visits first-hand to fully grasp this.

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