Chd Gehri Route is the best solo hangout in Lockdown 4.0

Chd  Gehri Route is the best solo hangout in Lockdown 4.0 for the residents. In Chandigarh, Gehri route is a popular network of streets amongst the youngsters of the city. The reason for the popularity of this place is the ample green belt. The youngsters are crazy about the chd gehri route due to its mentions in many music videos.

 Chd Gehri Route has been named after the word “Gehri” from the Punjabi language, which means “to roam around”. However, the name has been changed from Gehri route to Azaadi Route.

Chandigarh Gehri Route is the best solo hangout in Lockdown 4.0 for the residents. Click To Tweet

It is located at the prime location of Chandigarh and famous for long drives. The route covers sector8, 9, 10, and 11 of Chandigarh. This gedi route chd is preferred by the youngsters as there is less traffic, fewer traffic police checks, and colleges of Chandigarh like PU, Govt College for Girls, etc.

Pride Rides

Luxury Cars like BMWs, Mercedes, Audis, Jaguars, Range Rovers and many more can be roaming around here on a regular basis on gedi route chd.

Royal Enfield has a different fan base in Chandigarh. The boys and girls here are crazy about ‘Bullet’and the gehri over it.


In addition, Foodies love Chandigarh Gehri Route for Uncle Jacks, Wheat Dim-sums, BurGrill, Super Donuts, London Box, Softy Corner, etc offering alluring food under affordable prices.


You will spot girls and boys under a street fashion show. On chd gedi route you will spot girls with amazing hair do’s and high heels adding glamour to the place. Similarly, Well dressed guys with luxury accessories can be seen too.


Meanwhile on Valentine’s Day, you will spot cars decorated with beautiful heart-shaped balloons, roses, and loud music on chd gedi route. The Chandigarh Administration arranges security for the prevention of eve-teasing and harassment to ensure safety.

After that, Gehri on the gedi route chd on Holi is a must for the festival. The youngsters gather in cars loaded with music, colors, and eggs. The colored faces are full of life and joy.

Above all, New Year Eve is one of the most exciting events on chd gedi route. Cars with loud music turns the place into a Free-Club on December 31. The Chandigarh Police ensures the safety of the youngsters. 

Chandigarh Gehri Route as solo hangout

Chd gehri route is an amazing place for a solo ride during Lockdown 4.0. All in all, it is going to be a mesmerizing ride with some good loud music. You can invite your loved ones while regulating the social distancing.  

It would be a relaxing day out and break from the house arrest. Moreover, Chandigarh Gehri Route offers a therapeutic ride among the ample green belt of trees.  

Therefore, you can enjoy the beauty of the city after some exhausting months at home. It has been a tough phase for all of us; a break is all we need.

In conclusion, Chandigarh Gehri Route is an amazing and lively place to visit in the evening or during the festive season. It is full of young colors and you will encounter the youth of Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana right here.

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