Chandigarh will get three oxygen plants.

During a Covid review meeting, it has been said that three oxygen plants would be installed in the city. They will be ready within two days to complement the oxygen supply to patients.

With the assistance of the Government of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generation plant has already been built at Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, to tackle the ongoing oxygen crisis.

At the GMCH-32, the plant will meet at least half of the total oxygen demand. per day, it will produce 1000 LPM.

“The plant will provide round-the-clock oxygen supply and will certainly help in the fulfillment of oxygen demand in the hospital despite the current Covid pandemic,” said Prof Jasbinder Kaur, Director-Principal, GMCH-32.

“It would also result in fewer oxygen cylinders being in use. The plant will produce oxygen gas from the air, which will be supplied to patients through a medical gas pipeline system, she stated.

Massive increase in number of patients leading to rise in demand of oxygen

Meanwhile, Dr. Bipin Kausal of PGIMER said there were 244 Covid cases in the Nehru Extension Block, with 90 from Chandigarh, 82 from Punjab, 42 from Haryana, 18 from Himachal Pradesh, and 12 from other states.

Dr. Kausal stated that they had screened 4,588 Covid samples, with 1,360 of them proving to be positive.

Doctors have been reporting a disturbing trend in which several patients were positive with Covid after only obtaining the first dose of vaccine.

According to Dr. Jasbinder Kaur, they tested 2,739 Covid samples, of which 367 were positive, implying a positivity rate of 13.4%.

According to Dr. Amandeep Kang, Director of Health Services, they screened 12,595 Covid samples, of which 2,149 were positive. As a result, the positivity rate is at 17%.

She also reported that Chandigarh’s fatality rate for the previous month was 0.5 percent.

Dr. Kang went on to say that in Chandigarh, 59% of health workers and 67% of front-line workers had received vaccinations.

VP Singh Badnore, Punjab Governor and UT Administrator, expressing grave concern. There has been an alarming pace at which Covid cases are rising in the district.

To cope with the number of patients, Badnore gives directions to all medical institutions to increase their bed capacity. They also need to stockpile enough medicines and equipment.

He also told the PGIMER authorities to transform Infosys Sarai into a makeshift hospital. Hence, where at least moderate patients could be held for treatment.

Badnore also suggesting that some spare technical health workers from PGIMER be in a delegation to GMCH-32 or GMSH-16. As there has been a short-term staff shortage.

He requested greater cooperation between the three medical institutions to maximize staff utilization.

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