The Top 10 Best Bakery in Chandigarh City

Here we enlists to satisfy your sweet tooth, the top 10 best bakery in Chandigarh City.

People in our beautiful city love bakery items, which is why there are so many bakery shops in Chandigarh. From cakes to desserts, bread to specialty baked goods, bakeries in Chandigarh have a lot to sell. Some bakery shops in Chandigarh attract a large number of customers throughout the day with their “you name it, they’ll have it” attitude.

A party without cake is really just a meeting. Birthdays, weddings, farewells, or any other type of celebration are impossible to picture without a cake. Thus, the love of bakeries in City Beautiful is no exception.

Top 10 Best Bakery in Chandigarh

Nik Baker’s, Chandigarh


Address: SCO 2A, Madhya Marg, Sector 7-C, Sector 7, Chandigarh, 160007

Contact number: 0172 264 0003

Timings: 8am-11:30pm

Nik Baker’s is the one bakery in the north that has been ruling the hearts and taste buds of every food appreciator since 2006. It is fair to conclude that it is an outlet that is nothing less than an Australian baker’s love served on a plate. 

They have a wide variety of baked goods to choose from, as well as some of the most delectable desserts one has ever eaten. Loaves of bread, cookies, chocolates, pastry, and cakes are just a couple of the items on their menu. Each category has an unrivaled level of diversity. The USP, of course, are cakes, which come in a variety of flavors and can be personalized according to the occasion.

The Specials

There are also products from a cafe. One costs about 400 rupees on average. The cream cheese frosting on their red velvet cake is great. Their banoffee pie has a wonderful balance of flavors. It also has excellent croissants. Their multi-grain bread is especially tasty. Chocolate-walnut cake, chocolate eclairs, dessert combinations, fresh fruit tarts, strawberry chocolate cake, chocolate praline, and blueberry cheesecake are all must-tries. Nik Baker’s famous bakery in Chandigarh also serves delightful waffles and pancakes.

They specialize in custom-designed cakes for weddings, birthdays, as well as every other special occasion. Hence, simply put an order at least 48 hours before the event and relax while enjoying a delectable cake.

Monica’s Puddings & Pie Bakery in Chandigarh


Address: Booths, No 20 – 21, Market Rd 8, Market 8, 8B, Chandigarh, 160018

Contact Number: 0172 501 8076

Timings: 9am-11pm

Monica’s has been serving the City Beautiful since 1994. It began as a home bakery, but due to its popularity based on word of mouth, it quickly evolved into an entrepreneurial enterprise that has been tantalizing our taste buds ever since. Monica’s Puddings & Pies, a boutique-style bakery with items free of preservatives and coloring, is a sweet tooth’s paradise. 

The Specials

They specialize in French sweets such as pies, tarts, cookies, chocolates, souffles, and puddings, but the cake is their signature product. Their cakes are the most common in Tricity, with over 40 varieties of fresh cream, fruits, and nuts.

For the health-conscious, they also have a variety of balanced cookies such as multigrain, Atta, and sugar-free cookies on their menu.

Chocolate truffle, chocolate fudge, chocolate gateau, black forest, honey, sacher torte, ganache, chocolate chiffon, double chocolate, dark cherry, blueberry, mango, lemon, apple, opera, passion fruit, as well as others are among the cake flavors available.

Dry fruit cakes such as apple crumble, plum, prune, apple walnut, tea cake, and so on are also available. Lemon, pine, strawberry, chocolate, tiramisu, brownie, sticky bar, sticky jaw, fudge walnut, as well as other souffle flavors are available. There are also salted caramel cupcakes.

Chocolate Mud cake and Red velvet cupcake are one of the bests by Monica’s bakery in Chandigarh.


Address: Plot no.182/68 Ground floor, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002

Contact Number: 090410 99234

Timings: 10am-6pm

Cookie’s Jar by Geet and Vir, by far the best cake designer in the city since 2001, not only designs and customized cakes but also offers a variety of desserts to fulfill one’s need for delectable desserts. Their cakes are without a doubt the best in terms of flavor, and they can create any theme you want. 

Their goods torture and taunt the taste buds and satisfy the eyes of all, based on the idea that baked savories are not just food items but a personal experience in themselves for each customer. 

The Specials

The cakes are delicious. The aesthetic presentation is excellent. Your taste buds will be enchanted by their collection of cookies, personalized cakes and pastries, and other baked goods.

Fruit fusion cake as well as Triple berry cake are the must-haves in Cookie’s Jar top bakery in Chandigarh.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Now is the time to place your orders and make someone feel extra special by personalizing a sweet treat from Cookie’s Jar.

Oven Fresh


Address: SCO 43, Madhya Marg, Sector 7-C, Sector 7, Chandigarh, 160019

Contact Number: 098159 28844

Timings: 11am-11pm

Oven fresh, a well-known cafe, and bakery in the Tricity is the go-to spot for all foodies in town. Cookies, bread, tarts, cupcakes, brownies, puddings, and cakes, as well as the freshest brewed coffee and some truly melt-in-your-mouth desserts, are available. Their brownie sizzler and chocolate mud cake are to die for, and all dessert lovers adore them. Oven fresh is definitely worth a try and also isn’t too expensive.

The Specials

It’s a nice place to go if you’re craving something tasty. Breakfast should be served there. It has a wide selection of cakes. As Chandigarh best bakery they have a large number of branches.

It is well-known for its wide selection of desserts, portions of pasta, as well as grilled sandwiches. If you enjoy coffee, you will enjoy it at Oven Fresh in Chandigarh. Chocolate brownies and apple pie are two bakery items that you must try.

The best bakery shop in chandigarh serves delicious Brownie sizzler, Chocolate mud cake, as well as red velvet cupcakes.

This place is a dessert lover’s dream come true, as it serves delicacies at a reasonable price. OvenFresh is a heavenly spot for sweet food lovers, with their unique puddings, pies, tarts, and bread.

Crumbs Bakery in Chandigarh


Address: House Number 1153 , Sector, 15B, Chandigarh, 160015

Contact Number: 099889 90010

Timings: 9am-9pm

Crumbs by Sanchit Malhotra is the place to go if you want a roller coaster in your mouth in the form of unique flavors. A home baker who specializes in all manner of baked desserts in a variety of unique flavors as a foundation, such as cupcakes, profiteroles, tarts, and more, is sure to transport your taste buds to a French patisserie. 

Designer cakes are his specialty, and they can be personalized to suit any theme. His talent and innovation can transform an ordinary cake into a piece of art that not only pleases the heart but also the eyes. He also serves liquor cakes. It is Chandigarh famous bakery.

The Specials

Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Red Velvet, Mint and Nutella, Butterscotch, and other flavors are available. There are also brownies such as Red Velvet Cheesecake, Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake, Roasted Hazelnut Cheesecake Lava Brownie, and others. Nut berry, midnight gateaux, Jack Daniels, Lemon Mint and Blueberry Cheesecake, chocolate walnut, Vanilla Nutella, Chocolate Hazelnut, and other exotic cake flavors are available.

Crumbs Bakery in Chandigarh is well-known for its excellent flavor combinations made with global ingredients. This place is a must-try for all food levels, whether it’s the Belgian chocolate, Jack Daniels cake, and Nutella muffin, or the red velvet cheesecake. Also, their milkshake and cookie dough are worth trying.

Classic 44


Address: SCF 37, 19D, Sector 19, Chandigarh, 160019

Contact Number: 082848 58019

Timings: 09:30am-09:30pm

Classic 44, which has a variety of locations across Chandigarh, offers a wide range of bakery delights at low prices without sacrificing quality. It’s probably one of the city’s most famous hangouts for college students. Thus, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly treat, don’t wait any longer and visit classic 44 today.

The Specials

Classic 44 not only caters to those with a sweet tooth by offering a wide range of eggless cakes and pastries such as fruit cake, vanilla cake, and chocolate cake, but it also caters to those seeking savory treats such as chicken sandwiches, veg puffs, and more. 

Fruit cake, vanilla cake, as well as chocolate cake are among the many eggless cakes and pastries available. Non-vegetarians can enjoy the chicken sandwich with the egg roll option.

This is a cake and pastry lover’s dream come true. In keeping with its take-out service, the establishment has lovely interiors. You will not be disappointed if you try their Tandoori Grilled Sandwich, Chocolate Truffle Pie, and Paneer Patties, as well as their bread and cookies.

Petite Sweet


Address: Booth Number 57, Gurudwara Rd, 8B, Sector 8, Chandigarh, 160008

Contact Number: +917837464323

Timings: 09:30am-11pm

Chandigarh’s Petite Sweet brings a taste of Europe to the city. Petite Sweet’s bakery items are made from scratch in-house with the best local ingredients. Morning pastries, flaky croissants, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cakes, cookies, pies, and fresh home-baked slices of bread are all available at Petite Sweet Bakery in Sector 8, Chandigarh. A baker who specializes in creating custom-designed cakes and cupcakes for any occasion.

The Specials

Cupcakes, French desserts such as cheesecakes, banoffee pie, chocolate tarts, and tea cakes are available, but the personalized decorative cake for anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, and other special occasions. Chocolates and fondant cakes are the must-haves.

Delicious cakes and cupcakes are indeed by far the best gastronomical delight for cake lovers around the region, and they are truly professional.

Sweet Nothings Bakery in Chandigarh


Address: 8B, Sector 8, Chandigarh, 160009

Contact Number: +911724022044

Timings: 09:30am-10:30pm

Sweet Nothings, which is located in Sector 8 of Chandigarh, has a reputation for serving delicious desserts at a reasonable price. The staff at Sweet Nothings in Chandigarh is indeed extremely courteous and goes above and beyond to make you feel like a valued guest. It’s definitely worth a visit the next time you’re in Chandigarh.

The Specials

Orange, strawberry, walnut, and banana bar cakes are among the eggless choices available. All of the bakery creations are delectably rich and delectably new. Apart from cream cakes, they are well-known for their dry cakes, which they sell both in packs and by the slice

All of the bakery creations are delicious and also sumptuous. The Chocolate Walnut Cake and the Orange Chocolate Cake are also must-try desserts.

Waffle Queen


Address: Food Court, Elante Mall, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh, 160002

Contact Number: +919878882362

Timings: 11am-11pm

It’s possible that there isn’t a divine location devoted solely to waffles. The Waffle Queen, on the other hand, is all waffles. These guys have mastered the art of slipping even the most basic waffle down your throat and leaving you with a heavenly taste. Enjoy the dripping of different toppings and remember to take pictures because they look incredibly sensual and can beat any sweet dish.

The Specials

A bubble waffle in the shape of a cone, served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, vanilla sauce, cashew nuts, Nutella sauce, as well as banana chunks, sounds great, right? So, here’s a lovely little spot with exquisite cakes and desserts to tempt your taste buds. 

Waffle Queen has traveled all the way from Hong Kong to Chandigarh to blow your mind with a new idea. So, if you visit Elante, make a point of not missing out on some delicious waffles from the waffle queen.

Vinnie’s Artisan Bakers, Chandigarh


Address: S.C.O 17 , Sector 34-C Market Rd, near Gurdwara Sahib, Chandigarh 160022

Contact Number: +919815243304

Timings: 11:00am-08:30pm

Vinnie’s The Artisan Bakers is a Chandigarh-based bakery that specializes in wedding cakes and other desserts that any couple would be delighted to have as part of their wedding menu. This bakery will be an excellent choice if you want a wedding food counter full of impressive desserts that each of your wedding guests would remember for months. They will indeed make your wedding one of the most unforgettable events in your life with their high-quality services and goods.

The Specials

Vinnie’s The Artisan Bakers have a wide range of flavors to suit everyone’s tastes as well as preferences. Moreover, they make each of their cakes with sprawling designs made with cream or fondant. Also amazing sugar work that will be a treat to both your visual and culinary senses. And certainly, they work hard to provide you with the best items. Thus, this bakery has everything from tiered cakes to individualized creations.

Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, macarons, cake jars as well as cake pops are some of the must-haves they can offer.

All in all, these are the top 10 best bakery shops in Chandigarh to satisfy your sweet tooth. So what are you waiting for place your order for your desirable delightful dessert?

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