The Fascinating Bamboo Valley Chandigarh

 The Fascinating Bamboo Valley in Chandigarh is a gorgeous garden or park created from land that was once a wild jungle. 

Gardens and Parks are an important part of our lives these days. For instance, Bamboo Valley in chandigarh, providing an everlasting feel of peace, positivity and flow of life.

The bamboo valley in Chandigarh is distinct from other gardens as it has that raw feel providing a natural aura. Also, the structural feature of the garden is quite fascinating for children as well as adults. 

Bamboo Valley, which spans 27.5 acres of land between Children Traffic Park and Government High School, is located near sector 23. The garden was designed by the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Technology, Chandigarh, and built by the Engineering Department.

Bamboo Valley is present between the Children’s Traffic Park and the Government High School in Sector 23A.

The Bamboo Valley is home to a number of rare plants. There is a variety of approx. 15 species of some exotic as well as medicinal plants. Valley has plants such as Marror fail trees, Amla trees, Akash Neem trees, Silver oak trees, Inter lobium trees, Amaltas trees, Chakrassia trees, Acacia aurculiformis trees, Behra trees, Kathal trees, Mango trees, Pipa trees, Kankchampa trees, Mohagani trees, Dek.

Similarly, there are unique plants such as Golden bottle grass, Phoenix fishtail pal, Podocarpus, Aganthus, Michlia Champa, and Shurbs being the examples of environmentally friendly plants.

The bamboo valley Chandigarh is unusual in that it has bamboo structures constructed by bamboos, giving it a beautiful appearance. Another explanation for the creation of this garden is to raise awareness about the use of bamboos in the construction industry and among the general public.

Things to see in Bamboo valley

The Government of India’s National Mission of Bamboo Application (NMBA) has developed a national strategy to use bamboo to raise awareness in the construction industry and assess its acceptability among the general public. Above all, in Chandigarh, this technology has been in use for the first time.

The following are some of the sights to see in garden in chandigarh:

  • A Single Food Kiosk
  • Five Rain Shelters 
  • One Restaurant

Aside from these, there are restrooms, a labyrinth, sloping walls, a sandpit, fountains, as well as two tubewells located over the Natural Choe.

Bamboo Valley Garden is a completely new idea in Chandigarh’s beautiful city. In short, you must pay a visit to this beautiful, one-of-a-kind bamboo garden.

Highlights of the Valley

There are few highlights at the bamboo valley chandigarh, such as:

  • Over the natural choe, two footbridges have been are there at the valley.
  • Throughout the park, three-kilometer-long walkways made of various materials have been installed, like: 
  1. 1465 meter red sandstone walkway
  2. 780 meter Paver brick walkway
  3. 665 meter cement concrete walkway with paver block
  4. 90 meter Stone Pebble Walkway (Acupressure Track)
  • Three more footbridges have been there to link the bamboo valley Chandigarh’s various sections
  • The following structures/recreational facilities have also been there:
  1. For the kids, there’s a sandpit, a maze, and sloping walls.
  2. Ladies as well as gentlemen’s restrooms.
  3. The installation of a water feature with bubble fountains in the channel and one main crown fountain, along with a lighting system.
  4. Two tubewells connected to an irrigation water supply line with a hydrant for the entire valley.
  5. Grass, bamboo plantation, and 30 elegantly built concrete benches have been used to landscape the entire region.

That is to say that this valley has been a part of a campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of bamboo in bamboo valley Chandigarh.

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