What happened to 4.4 crores stolen by the guard

Sunil Kumar, the security guard of Axis Bank Sector 34, was arrested from Manimajra on Wednesday. He allegedly stole 4.4 crores from the currency chest and ran away. It was reported that Sunil Kumar was going on his motorcycle to check the buried cash in Hallomajra.

What happened to the 4.4 crores

According to Manoj Kumar Meena, SP (Crime), Sunil Kumar (accused) ran away on his motorcycle. He took out ₹ 4 lakh while he buried the rest in the forest near Halomajra.

Sunil Kumar was crying ₹3.14 lakh in his backpack. In totality, he spent ₹ 86,000 up until now. With this sum, he bought a new Oppo phone, paid for hotel charges in Raipur Rani, and paid for the servicing of his motorcycle.

Although, he booked rooms in various hotels but stayed only for two hours. All this time, he had been hiding and sleeping in the forest or isolated places.

How did the 4.4 crores thief get caught

Sunil Kumar was sly enough to steal from the currency chest but wasn’t clever enough to bypass the GPS technology. He switched off his phones but was actively chatting on a matrimonial site and social media on his new phone. The cops tracked his GPS location through his usage of social media sites. It gave them a clear location that the accused was frequently operational in Raipur Rani.

Later, the cops got secret information that Sunil Kumar was coming to the city. A team of crime branch and Harinder Singh Sekhon, Crime Branch Inspector, trailed him and caught him.

After the arrest, it was found that Sunil keys of cash box to steal the money from the chest. He did it to live a lavish life. In addition, it was reported that he had been disowned by his parents nine years ago. He was divorced ad the custody of the kids was given to the mother.

Crime branch is also working on obtaining his any other criminal involvements.

In short

  • Cops used his social media and internet data to locate his location.
  • He actively chatted with a woman on matrimonial site from his new phone and stayed active on social media as well.
  • Through this, cops concluded that he is frequent visitor to Raipur Rani.
  • In totality, he spent ₹ 86000 on a new Oppo phone, servicing of his bike and rent for a few hotels.

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