Water wastage will cost ₹5,000 fine in Chandigarh

Starting from April 15th 2021, water wastage could cost ₹5,000 fine in UT. The administration has allocated a team of sub-divisional engineers (SDE) and municipal corporation (MC) to keep a check on the water wastage.

If found guilty for the first time, the culprit will be charged a ₹5,000 fine. Second-time violation will cost the same but in addition to it, the water connection will be disconnected.

The teams are said to be on lookout for the violators from 5:30 am to 8:30 am in the morning.

What are the key violations

  1. Washing of vehicles and courtyards
  2. Watering of lawns or misuse of water via any other reasons
  3. Overflow from overhead, underground water tanks
  4. Leakage from water meter chamber and cooler

Water wastage in summer

The MC said that the coming two and a half months of summer are crucial. That’s why a special drive will be conducted till June 30 to keep a check on the water wastage. This step has been taken seeing the rise in the population and the need of water.

This time lead to increase in the requirement and usage of potable water. The main focus is to stop the maximum use of water for non-potable purposes. The potable water is, nonetheless, water that is used for human consumption.

Recently, a massive fire broke out at the Dadumajra dumping site. It was recorded that over five lakh litres of water were utilized to douse the fire. Situations like this could arise in future as well perhaps better prepared than be sorry about it.

In light of this, K K Yadav, Municipal Commissioner urged the city, “I request people to avoid wasting water and use it judiciously.

Since 2018, 596 challans have been issued by the department yielding ₹12.82 lakhs.

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