UT Administration mandates Registration of Pets

On Thursday, the Chandigarh administration issued a notification regarding the amended Pet Dog Bye-laws, 2020, raising the pet registration fee from Rs 200 to Rs 500 and a fine amount from Rs 500 to Rs 5000.

The registration form cost is now has a rise from Rs200 to Rs500. The plan to raise the fine for non-registration of pets in 2018 has been given acceptance by MC General Hall.

According to the Pet Dogs Bylaws Chandigarh Registry, 2010, it is compulsory for dog lovers to enroll every pet at the Municipal Corporation department once the pet is four months old. One family can have only two dogs as permitted.

Two recent photographs of the pet along with a copy of a government veterinary practitioner’s vaccination certificate, duly registered with the Indian Veterinary Council (IVC) or State Veterinary Council (SVC), are also a requirement.

The owner must make sure that the neck of the pet has a collar with a metal tag provided by the pet registration authorities.

If a dog defecates in a public location, the owner shall manage to clean the dog’s feces. To this end, any pet with a token straying at large will be kept at a location set apart.

An additional fine will be there for a repeat violation which may extend to Rs200. Also, the previous fine was Rs20.

If the pet is in custody under the Bylaws, the owner has to pay Rs1000 maintenance costs. Earlier the fee was Rs100 per day for claiming one’s dog.

Earlier, taking pets to community gardens and allowing pets registration to defecate in the public enticed a fine enhanced 10 times.

Restrictions under ByLaws

Individuals have no permission to take pets to Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, as well as public areas as directed.

Clause 13 of the new notice reads, “A pet owner who infringes these bye-laws shall be subject to punishment with a penalty by the registration authority, which may extend to Rs 5,000, and if the infringement is of a persisting nature, an extra-fine may be levied, which may extend to Rs 200, for up to seven days for which the violation continues. 

MC Commissioner said, “Initially the fine was Rs 500, and for repeating infringement, an additional liability of Rs 20 fine. A violator has to pay Rs 100 maintenance charge per day for a dog under custody. We agreed in Chandigarh to strictly enact certain amended bye-laws. Demand to raise the limit for keeping dogs from two to three, is not approved by the panel.”

An individual with a visual disability holding a service dog need not to pay the registration fee pets. A token by the Registration Authority will always need to be present at the dog’s collar.

Consequently, there are around 5,200 pets register with Chandigarh Municipal Corporation.

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