This is what happened in Elante on reopening after lockdown

The pandemic made an impact on all our lives and this is what happened in Elante on reopening after lockdown. Due to nationwide lockdown, the businesses of the store and restaurant owners are at stake. It’s been more than two months since the malls and restaurants have been shut. However, recently the authorities were reopening them for the public under certain guidelines.

The Coronavirus is not just life-threatening but also a huge loss to the economy of the city as well as the nations worldwide. People are going through some serious financial crises. Also, due to the nationwide lockdown, there has been a massive loss suffered by many businessmen and shopkeepers.

Even after the Unlock under guidelines, the public hesitates to visit any public place being restaurants, or shopping malls. The owners and traders are under pressure of not being able to pay their staff and the rentals.

There has been an expectation to see the excitement and happy vibe among the visitors; on the contrary, there were more worried vibes in the city. Around 50% of the restaurants in the city reopened on the day. The restaurant owners showed disagreement with the limited hours for opening and restricted on serving the alcohol.

The impact of reopening on Elante Mall

After the reopening of Elante Mall, the food court was not opened yet. However, the other stores and outlets in the mall were open for the public. Whereas there were not enough visitors at the outlets which has been a cause of worry.

The store owners made a mere goodwill gesture by reopening their outlets. They are expecting some hard days in the coming future for their businesses.

Even the owners of popular brand outlets are doubtful about the public response. The shop owners are having a hard time keeping their stores by cutting their operational costs and struggling with relaxation in rentals.

Also, there has been a constant struggle between the management authority of the Elante mall and the owners of the outlets. The issue is about the payment of past and future rents. Thus, the management of Elante mall made an arrangement of a meeting with owners but there has been no conclusion.

The rift between the management and the outlet owners is at hype. The proprietors have been requesting the mall authorities to collect minimal rents as they are unable to pay the fixed amounts. The shopkeepers are paying to their staff as well which makes it uneasy for them to pay the fixed rentals.

However, the mall management is determined to collect the fixed amount of the rent from the outlets. Thus, the proprietors are planning to shut their businesses if there will be no relief for them.

The store owners also reported that the air conditioners were not working at the mall that day. However, later it has been according to the MHA Guidelines that the temperature of the mall should be maintained between 26 ᵒ and 30ᵒ.

The authorities are seeking appropriate action for the settlement between the mall management and the outlet owners.

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