Stop Using Filmywap.com to Download Movies in Lockdown

We know its tough to sit at home but downloading movies from Filmywap com is not the solution. While the film industry is out of business, let’s not fill the pockets of a public torrent site like Filmywap. Don’t let their hard work go in vain.


Filmywap com or miswritten as filmiwap is an illegal site that supports piracy which you should avoid using. Piracy is one of the biggest reason that the entertainment industry faces losses.

Not to forget, downloading movies illegally and selling it is a punishable act under the Cinematographer Act 1952. This includes imprisonment for up to 3 years and a fine worth ₹10 Lacs or more

So even if these times are hard, do not let movie wap download affect our film industry. It’s hard to believe that, in 2018, the film industry lost 190 billion to piracy.

This is not only ethically wrong but morally as well because many day workers had to suffer. Don’t fall prey to websites like Filmwap. Instead, you can opt for many other options that would allow you to pay for what you want to see.

Watch Online


Netflix is a media services provider where you can watch TV shows online and watch movies online. At present, Netflix offers 4 different plans to choose from in India.

Visit: Netflix


Disney+ Hotstar or known as Hotstar is one of the largest streaming platforms that compete with Netflix. Similar to Netflix, Hotstar, too, have multiple plans to choose from. You’ll be amazed by the collection it has to offer.

Visit Hotstar for more information.

Amazon Prime Video

Another competitor of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video gives you a platform to watch anytime, anywhere TV shows and movies.

Visit Amazon Prime Video to start you free 30-Day trial.


Now that theatres are shut for nearly 2 months, Bookmyshow has also started an online movie streaming option to watch from the ease of your home. You’ll be saving tons on expensive popcorn and coke.

Visit Bookmyshow to stream movies

The list does not end here. Now, what if you are a collector of DVD? Again, this does not mean to Filmiwap. In Chandigarh, we have a perfect spot for you to buy from.

Deepak Radios in Sector-17 Chandigarh is the perfect place to get your hands on your desired DVD and enjoy some music while you are at the store.

Other options to buy from are Amazon and Flipkart but make sure you get the original one.

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