Sonu Sood as brand ambassador for vaccination drive in Punjab

Punjab’s anti-coronavirus vaccination programme announces actor Sonu Sood as its brand ambassador.

Last year, during the coronavirus-induced lockdown, the actor assisted refugees in returning to their home states.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sood has been thrust into the national spotlight for feeding thousands of underprivileged citizens. For refugees, he has been a kind of messiah.

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh made the announcement on Sunday, a day after meeting with the actor who paid him a visit at his home.

“We’re excited to announce that actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood will be our #Covid19 vaccination drive’s Brand Ambassador. I appreciate his support for our campaign to reach out to and protect every Punjabi, and I urge everyone to get the vaccination as soon as possible “The chief minister says.

No one, according to Singh, is in a better place to motivate and persuade people to get the vaccine. “In Punjab, there is a great deal of apprehension. Sonu Sood’s popularity among them, as well as his exemplary role in assisting tens of thousands of migrants in safely returning home after the pandemic broke out last year, would help to alleviate their concerns,” he said in an official statement.

Sonu Sood as Punjab da puttar

“People would believe this ‘Punjab da puttar’ when he talks about the vaccine’s benefits. Also how healthy and necessary it is. “Because they have faith in him,” he said.

Sood expressing his delight and honor for being the vaccination drive’s brand ambassador. “I consider myself fortunate to be a part of the Punjab government’s massive campaign. As it is to protect the lives of the citizens of my home state,” he said.

The actor presented the chief minister with his book, “I Am No Messiah,”. In which he claims captures his experiences traveling from Moga to Mumbai. “I am convinced that I am not a savior. I’m just a regular person who happens to be a tiny part of God’s grand plan. If I can affect many lives in any way in the process, I can only claim that God has blessed me and that he is guiding me to fulfill my duty “In another quote, Sood said.

Man of the year 2020

The actor Sonu Sood received THE WEEK’s Man of the Year award. Sood has been the “messiah of migrants” for his efforts to help thousands of migrant workers. Also, students who were in need during the pandemic return home through his “Ghar Bhejo” movement.

Sonu Sood is THE WEEK’s 38th Man of the Year. In 1983, Baba Amte, a social activist, was featured on the cover of the first Man of the Year issue.

He and his friend Neeti Goel agreed to act during the lockdown in April and May. The time when thousands of migrant workers began walking home, desperate and powerless. With the Ghar Bhejo campaign, the two arranged transportation for 7.5 lakh migrants. In addition, he assisted stranded students, frontline staff, and struggling farmers.

Sonu Sood has maintained the good work by going beyond and beyond to assist those in need. He has been demonstrating the importance of coming together and being human in these difficult times.

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