This is what the Restaurant industry in Tricity is planning amid the corona crisis.

Even after Unlock 1.0, several restaurants are economically unstable as well as too broke to reopen. Consequently, this is what the Restaurant industry in Tricity is planning amid the corona crisis.

The restaurants have been in loss due to the Coronavirus pandemic. All the restaurant owners are in massive loss and are financially incompetent. They are not getting many visitors in their restaurants and people hesitate to visit such public places.

 Though the UT Administration has given some Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for reopening on the Restaurant industry in tricity. These guidelines are to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to maintain the social distancing.

According to the notification by the administration, violation of social distancing rules will be liable to the payment of a fine of ₹500.

The National Restaurant Association of India for help

Moreover, Sunveer Sondhi has been appointed as head of the Chandigarh Chapter by the National Restaurant Association of India. This initiative has been taken by NRAI to raise the concerns of the restaurant industry in tricity to the respective government.

As said by Sunveer Sondhi, “the restaurants need reconstruction as soon as possible because several restaurants might not be able to reopen due to financial instability.”

Furthermore, he said that “the lockdown not only has wrenched the employment of many, it has built a financial crisis among the owners also. Restaurants have been permitted to reopen under standard operation procedures, however, there are many issues relating to rent & timings which are in need to be addressed.

According to Sondhi, the NRAI is planning to bring as many restaurants as possible with them. Later, they will address their problems to the government and will seek relaxation. There will be arrangements of seminars for the restaurant owners to surpass the phase of financial depression.

Most of the restaurant owners were in disagreement with the timings for the opening of the outlets. Many visitors prefer visiting restaurants for dinner, however, no visitor shall be out past 9 pm as per the notification. This led to a fall in the number of customers of the restaurants.

On the other hand, the ambivalence over reopening of restaurants in Elante Mall is also a reason for the concern.  The outlet owners at the Elante mall are facing difficulty in paying their rentals. The tenants seek management to provide reliefs for the rentals until the owners can reopen their outlets.

 He is confident that this advice will work for the restaurant industry in Tricity. The authorities are taking measures to help the restaurant owners for the reestablishment of their businesses.

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