Top Psychology Courses in Chandigarh

Here, we will take a look at the best psychology courses in Chandigarh. Have you ever considered how people think or how their conduct changes in various situations? Or how some people find conversing with strangers challenging when others find it easy? 

Do you get excited when you hear things like “hallucinations,” “disorders,” or “unconscious mind”? If you answered yes, you’ve arrived at the right location. In this article, we will show you colleges offering psychology courses in Chandigarh.

Human nature or behavior, fascinating facts about life, and other topics are covered in psychology. The study of human behavior began in Germany, and after World War II, it spread to the United States, eventually settling in India about 70 years ago. Since then, our Indian psychologists have worked tirelessly to establish psychology as a distinct field.

Steps towards being a psychologist

You can choose any stream in 12th grade to pursue a career as a Psychologist. The majority of schools have begun to include Psychology in their curricula, and the beauty of the subject is that it can be studied as the fifth subject in any stream. It is recommended that students take Psychology in school to gain a basic understanding of the subject, however, it is not needed.

Psychology course for undergraduates

A bachelor’s degree in psychology from a UGC-approved institution is required. A graduate degree will aid in the development of a psychological foundation. You will research all aspects of psychology, which will assist you in determining your area of interest. General psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, organizational behavior, as well as other topics are taught. 

The topics are mostly theoretical, except for Statistics, which involves numerical applications. It is critical for students interested in the field of research to have a thorough understanding of the topic. Throughout the three years, you will get exposure to the fundamentals of psychology.

Every year, workshops on a variety of topics are held, ranging from hypnosis to dream interpretation. Moreover, this differs from one college to the next. In general, job opportunities after graduation are not many.

Psychology course for graduates 

Entrance tests or your graduation grades will determine your admission to different schools. The criteria used by various universities are different. You can always apply if you come from a different culture. However, there would be no other choice for admission than to take entrance exams. You may select your field of specialization after graduation.

If you want to pursue a career in psychology, it is important to pursue post-graduate studies. Due to the high level of competition, a bachelor’s degree is insufficient. It will assist you in honing your skills in your chosen field. Students would have the ability to write their dissertations in their field of interest after graduation.

The student will perform the thesis under the supervision of an expert from their college, and the dissertation will be an in-depth analysis of a specific subject. In addition, the students will complete a two- to the three-month internship. An internship is a critical stage in a psychologist’s career. 

It is a stage of your education during which you work and learn under the guidance of a professional. Certainly, it’s important to put all of your theories and expertise into practice to grasp the concepts. Various universities also organize educational trips that allow you to put your skills into practice in a real-world setting. We will enlist one of the best psychology colleges in Chandigarh.

Top colleges offering psychology courses in Chandigarh

Here, we will provide you a list of top colleges in Chandigarh offering psychology courses for undergraduates as well as graduates.



Location: 177 sector 36a, opposite MCM college for women, Chandigarh 160036

Phone Number: 0172 260 3355

The college offers both bachelors for undergraduates and masters for graduates. For undergraduates, they are providing BA(General) in Psychology with combination subjects Sanskrit and Physical Education. Also, there is the availability of a BA(Honors) in Psychology.

Moreover, for graduates, the college offers M.A. in Psychology. The eligibility for the courses is that students must have graduated in BA with Psychology or BA(Honors) in Psychology. Any student without a bachelor’s in psychology will not be eligible for M.A. in Psychology.

The MCM DAV college is a well-known educational institute providing the best facilities to its students. They have skillful and qualified faculty members for the psychology courses in Chandigarh.

The college also organizes knowledgeable seminars and workshops for the students. Hence, you can opt for MCM DAV college for your psychology course.



Location:  Rose Garden Rd, 10D, Sector 10, Chandigarh, 160011

Phone Number: 0172 275 4409

Undergraduates can earn a bachelor’s degree, and graduates can earn a master’s degree. They offer a BA(General) in Psychology for undergraduates. There are also BA(Honors) in Psychology programs available.

The DAV college is possibly the best educational institution that offers its students the finest possible facilities. For psychology courses in Chandigarh, they have competent as well as professional professors.

For students, the college frequently hosts informative seminars and workshops. As a result, you can choose DAV college for your psychology course.

In addition, the college offers an M.A. in Psychology to graduates. A person who has passed the B.A. (2 Year Course) examination with Philosophy as one of his subjects and obtained 45 percent marks in both the Philosophy papers or in the Psychology paper alone, or a person who has passed the B.A. (3 Year Course) examination with Philosophy as one of his subjects and obtained 45 percent marks in the subject of Philosophy, is also eligible for the Psychology course.



Location: NH-95, Ludhiana – Chandigarh State Hwy, Punjab, 140413

Phone Number:  1800 121 288 800

Chandigarh University is known for its world-class infrastructure and educational courses. The university provides both graduates, postgraduate courses along with doctoral psychology courses.

The three-year program teaches students how to think critically as ethical global citizens and clinical psychologists in several environments. Field research, practicum, and internship are required as part of the course to provide hands-on experience in the community conducting psychological evaluations and treatments under supervision.

The two-year program allows students to explore some subdomains in psychology while establishing a solid base in the science of psychology. The faculty is deeply involved in researching psychology, which provides students with a variety of opportunities to participate in ongoing research projects. 

A well-balanced curriculum and clinical training, such as Behavioral and Integrative Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, and so on, allows our students to better understand the topic by discovering traditional ideas as well as examining particular cases.

A master’s degree in clinical psychology is a two-year full-time program that combines scientific psychology with the skills needed to treat complex human problems. This Chandigarh University program serves as a stepping stone to a reputable doctoral program under psychology courses in Chandigarh. 

The Department of Psychology offers a full-time doctoral program in psychology (Ph.D. Psychology). The department’s mission is to perform world-class research to better understand and influence human well-being. 



Location:  Post Graduate Government College, Madhya Marg, 11D, Sector 11, Chandigarh, 160011

Phone Number:  0172 274 0597

The PGGCG-11 is a renowned college for psychology courses in Chandigarh. They offer both graduates as well as post-graduate courses. Courses include BA(General) and BA(Honors) in Psychology along with MA in Psychology.

The faculty is immensely qualified and professional. Their curriculum complies with international standards and meets national criteria, with a particular emphasis on research on women’s empowerment and the upliftment of rural, disadvantaged, and also oppressed people.

PGGCG-11 provides the finest educational courses along with seminars and workshops for students. It opens doors to jobs such as Counselling Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, School & Career Counsellor, Marriage & Family Therapist, among several others.



Location: Sector 14, Chandigarh, 160014

Phone Number:  0172 253 4867

The psychology department has a multifaceted reputation for outstanding research and teaching, and it has long been a regional leader. The faculty has earned international acclaim, and graduates have achieved success as professionals in a variety of fields around the world. 

The department’s unique profile is due to its blend of pure and applied research. Clinical psychology, mental training, organizational psychology, media psychology, social psychology, counseling, sports psychology, positive psychology, as well as wellness psychology are some of the major research fields.

The faculty has a long list of publications in reputable journals, including books, essays, reviews, perspectives, and research papers. Some faculty members have served on the editorial boards of prestigious international journals and have assisted research students on a variety of topics.

Furthermore, the department offers M.A., Post M.A. Diploma in Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy, and Ph.D. programs in teaching and science. At the master’s level, a diverse range of courses is delivered over the course of four semesters to prepare students to seek specialization in areas of interest. It is among the finest psychology colleges in Chandigarh.



Location: Sector 32-C, Chandigarh 160030

Phone Number: 0172 491 2400

The department, which began with just 25 students, now has over 350 students enrolled in all three years. The subject is available in 127 different combinations, and the department offers courses to meet the current demand for the subjects. The college provides both BA(General) and BA(Honors) in Psychology. 

The department also has a Psychology Club called “Aesthesia,” which organizes Life Skill Testing Programs and Free Career Counseling Sessions each year to teach students about psychological approaches and provide them with a consistently emotional and motivational forum for overall personality growth.

All in all, these are the finest colleges offering psychology courses in Chandigarh. You can undergo the eligibility and admission criteria that vary from college to college. 

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