Panjab University’s students protest against fee collection

Marking the first fight against fee collection and unjust university fee demand in the midst of a pandemic, students and university political leaders from all of Panjab University’s prevailing parties gathered outside the Vice-Chancellors’ office to protest.

The university has acted as a one-stop hub for students from Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab while drawing students from across the country as well.

The university students come from a range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, and have also found it hard to access online courses, let alone pay the university fee by deadline.

With nearly 200 affiliated schools, the university had students from across its centers writing mail and receiving fee requests to VC.

One student from the University of Panjab, regional center, Hoshiarpur, states that “all the comprehensive costs, such as library, laboratory, and others, are being charged, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for all of us and it is not advantageous for everyone to do so.”

Protest by university students against fee collection

In a common protest by the Punjab students on Friday, they request that no additional charges must be there. And, no withdrawal of the fee payment date be there until 10 August.

The authorities have reportedly decided to hold a trade union meeting to discuss the issue in this respect on Saturday.

The final changes in fee charges, if any, will have a wide impact. Since the decision of the university will affect all the affiliated colleges.

“It is unreasonable to charge from students facing difficulties at home,” said the former President for Students For Society (SFS). Without protests, we have never received justice. The students are not to take into account at all. It is the students who form the university and the calls from parts of the world must be heard.

While the union has categorically rejected the fee increase this year. Also, a professor at university might not be able to make requested fee changes in the semester.

“The demands never meet because the university needs to pay the workers. Also, the grant from the center is on postponement. While the government ought at this time to support higher education and universities. The core of the issue is that it does not do so, “said the professor.

He added, “The invoice has to be paid according to the academic calendar, where almost a month is available to do so, and the protest has another viewpoint.

Certainly, problems exist and the merits of the case can decide whereby the fee payment in cases can be delayed.

Students are also free to take a break and return to graduation. Within four years, for example, masters can be completed. EWS and SC / ST students also receive financial aid.

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