Lockdown 4.0 Relaxations for Hoteliers & Traders

The lockdown 4.0 relaxations in Chandigarh gives a sigh of relief to hoteliers & traders. They have been going through some major losses in their respective businesses due to Nationwide Lockdown. The authorities have offered some relaxations to hoteliers & traders under certain guidelines issued.

The relaxations in Chandigarh are in acceptance by the residents, traders, hoteliers, and other sectors. These relaxations were announced by the authorities on Monday as lockdown 4.0. The relaxation has been provided from 7 am to 7 pm. Later it was reduced to 10 am to 6 pm as a safety measure for the shopkeepers.

The administration allowed reopening the Sector-17 and other main road markets. However, the authorities do not permit the rehri market yet. It will be difficult to maintain social distancing. As these rehri markets and other vegetable markets (sabzi mandi) are cramped in the locality.

The traders will follow the instructions regarding the relaxations in Chandigarh. These are given by the authorities and the health department. The lockdown 4.0 will turn out to be a breather for the businesses of traders.

There are some instructions for the traders and hoteliers. These have been provided by the health department and the administration to conduct their business. They must wear masks and use hand sanitizers. Hygiene is a major concern.

What are the guidelines and the relaxations in Chandigarh for traders and hoteliers
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The Chandigarh Beopar Mandal demanded to end the odd-even system in internal markets. They must allow the market on dividing roads to open. The goal is to regain the economy of the city by reopening the market. This relaxations in Chandigarh not only enhances the economy, moreover, it contributes to revenue generation through taxes by the administration.


The hoteliers must make home deliveries for the food items from restaurants. The Chandigarh Hospitality Association is appealing to the administration to extend the timings from 7pm to 10pm at least.

In addition, the staff in the kitchen should be clean and must undergo sanitization. While preparing the food the staff must comply with strict precautions. The packaging of the food must be hygienic.

Taxi Drivers

It also provides relaxations in Chandigarh to the private taxi drivers. It will help the drivers who have been out of employment for the last two months. The drives can drive around the city, however, following some safety measures and guidelines.

Non-AC Buses

The permissions to non-AC buses within the Tricity are a relief for the residents. It is a sigh of relief for residents without private transport. However, there are some challenges in allowing public transport; it is a major relief though.


The markets like Sadar Bazaar in Sector 19, Krishna Market in Sector 41, Shastri Market in Sector 22, etc. The administration does not permit to open these markets. In these areas, it would be challenging to maintain social distancing.

The shopkeepers must maintain social distancing at their shops. They must sanitize their shops timely. The number of customers allowed in a shop must not be more than five.

Therefore, such a bold action taken by the administration was a need of the hour. The labor must be provided with gainful employment and administration must look out for their basic necessities. The relaxations in Chandigarh are to enjoy under appropriate precautions.

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