UT is open for a lockdown in Chandigarh, but if it is for Tricity

UT is open for a lockdown in Chandigarh, but if it is for Tricity.

The Chandigarh Administration is considering implementing a lockdown in Chandigarh. This is due to the high number of Covid incidents. However, only if Mohali and Panchkula agree to a Tricity-wide lockdown.

With the number of cases in the three cities regularly exceeding 2,000, officials believe a lockdown is necessary to break the chain, especially in the Tricity, if there is to be an impact.

According to an official, the Administration has been in contact with the authorities of neighboring cities because only a full Chandigarh lockdown in the Tricity would achieve effective results.

The public gatherings have already been under restrictions by the administration. According to a senior UT official, lockdown is necessary to break the chain. “It will also give us time to make preparations for our battle against Covid-19. If two cities enforce lockdown and the third refuses, there will be no effect. As a result, we’re attempting to persuade both Punjab and Haryana to make a joint decision,” he said.

The Centre has been recommending a 14-day lockdown in regions, towns, and municipal areas. The lockdown in Chandigarh with a positivity rate of more than 10% or functioning at 60% ICU or oxygen bed occupancy.

Manoj Parida, the UT Adviser, recently has been requesting that the Punjab and Haryana governments enact a simultaneous lockdown in the Tricity. It is a measure to combat the risk of the deadly virus. There has been Chandigarh lockdown only in the UT and Mohali, and the Haryana government rejected the request.

“The staff forces Covid patients to go home on their own in government hospitals. “If a person is covid positive, he or she should not be asked to return on their own and should instead be given access to an ambulance,” he suggests.

The admin should transform all government hospitals and dispensaries, except for gynecology and children’s wards, into Covid care centers, he suggests. He believes that only emergency surgery should be done.

He said that a 50-bed government hospital in Palsora has previously not been underutilization. It could now be in submission to Covid patients. Similarly, he said, they should convert a hospital in Sector 26’s Police Lines to a Covid hospital.

Hence, there are chances of a Chandigarh lockdown in the next few days, if Mohali and Panchkula agree.

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