How to get Punjab curfew e-pass online

Here you will find the procedure about how to get a Punjab curfew e-pass online. The state government imposed curfew in Punjab, moreover, making curfew e-pass mandatory for those who wish to enter within the State. 

Procedure for e-pass online

You can apply for Punjab curfew e-pass online at www.cova.punjab.gov.in/registration. The interested beneficiaries can register on the official website by the Punjab authorities. 

Due to the rise in covid cases in Delhi NCR, the Punjab state authorities are not allowing anyone from Delhi NCR to enter the state. The travellers need to register themselves at the official website by the Punjab state government. 

You can register yourself as a frequent traveller, moreover, you need to mention your travel type and mode of travel. 

Furthermore, the interested ones are required to check in themselves on the official registration website of covid-19 that has been issued by the Punjab Government.

This has been taken as a preventive measure for the protection of the residents as well as to diminish the graph of covid cases in the state. 

Also, the entries coming from Delhi NCR will need to undergo the screening before entering the state territory.

Lastly, they will have to go under isolation for 14 days as per the quarantine regulations. Thus, travelers without registration or the Punjab curfew e-pass will not be allowed to enter the state.

Instructions for those entering Punjab

  • After entering the state borders, those who are asymptomatic will go into isolation for 14 days.
  • Also, the ones under isolation will have to update their medical status daily by calling 112 or on the Cova App.
  •  In the case of indicative travelers, the required guidelines can be given on the state border itself. 
  • The police headquarters will maintain a normal check on the visitors at their places for the protection of visitors as well as residents.

Registration by official website for Punjab curfew e-pass

  • Firstly, you will have to visit the official website by the state government that is www.epasscovid19.pais.net.in
  • You will have to choose the tab mentioning E-Registration
  •  Then you will need to fill out the registration form 
  • There will be information required such as 
  1. Travel Type,
  2. Mode of Travel, 
  3. Vehicle Type, 
  4. Vehicle Number, 
  5. Date of Travel, 
  6. Passenger Details,
  7. Mobile Number,
  8. ID Type
  9. ID Number,
  10. Present Address,
  11. Travel Details,
  12. Origin,
  13. Destination,
  14. District,
  15. Destination Address
  • Fill in the necessary details and choose the correct options
  • Lastly, submit the information for the Punjab curfew e-pass

Register as Frequent Traveller for Punjab curfew e-pass

If you are a frequent visitor of the state then you can register yourself as the frequent traveller.

  • You will need to visit the official website that is www.cova.punjab.gov.in/registration
  • Then you will have to choose from the options and fill in the necessary information such as
  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Gender
  4. Mobile number
  5. ID evidence type
  6. ID evidence Number
  7. Address
  8. Origin
  9. State
  10. Destination
  11. Category
  12. Reason for a common journey
  13. Identity Proof
  14. Passport Size photograph
  15. Address Proof
  • Certainly, the e-registration for frequent traveller is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Hence, you need to provide valid information for the Punjab curfew e-pass for hustle-free travel. The e-pass indeed is the necessity of present times as you won’t be able to travel without getting one.

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