This is how you can board flights for domestic travel

Under the guidelines provided by authorities, this is how you can board flights for domestic travel. Only one-third of the flights will be operative under strict guidelines by the authorities.

Uniquely, the passengers travelling through the flights may not be under quarantine for 14 days after reaching their destination. It depends on the rules of the state government.

The passengers traveling domestic through the flights may not be under quarantine for 14 days after reaching their destination. Click To Tweet

The domestic flights will resume from May 25.

Division of flights

The fights have a division of seven sections on the basis of the duration of flights ranging from 40 minutes to 210 minutes. The passengers will be provided with the list of such flights for domestic travel along with their timings.  

The first sections will consist of flights of duration less than 40 minutes.

The second, third, fourth, and fifth sections will include flights of the duration of 40-60 minutes, 60-90 minutes, 90-120 minutes, and 120-150 minutes respectively.

In case passengers are unable to download the Aarogya Setu app, then they can submit a self-declaration form. Such passengers will not be under restrictions to be on board.


Furthermore, there are some standard operating procedures (SOP) by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) for the airport operators for the smooth functioning of the airport.

For Passengers

The AAI made it mandatory for passengers above the age of 14 years to use the Aarogya Setu app. However, the app is not compulsory for children below 14 years.

The passengers shall undergo all the required health protocols by the state to board flights for domestic travel

The onboard persons must wear face masks. They must carry sanitizers. They must reach 2 hours before at the airport. Only one check-in bag will be allowed.

No meals will be available onboard to the passengers.

There must be strict sanitation of baggage by the airport operators before entering the airport premises.


The impositions of certain restrictions on the vehicles for pick up and drop off of passengers.

The state government shall ensure public transport and private cabs for the passengers. Furthermore, the payments shall be made by online payments.

As a matter of fact, social distancing will not be fulfilled by vacating middle seats. The authorities will fill these seats.

The Flights

The authorities permit one-third of flights for domestic travel to operate from the metro to non-metro cities. This includes cities with more than 100 weekly departures. However, for other cities, the airlines are free to use one-third of approved summer schedule 2020.

The 40 per cent of the tickets are for mid-point of lower and upper fare limits for any routes. Moreover, for the flights of Delhi, Mumbai for a journey of 90-120 minutes will have a minimum fare of Rs 3,500 and a maximum fare of Rs 10,000.

This schedule is operative for three months- until August 24.

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