A One-Stop Guide to Buy Flats in Mohali

Mohali is a magnificent region of Punjab that lies next to Chandigarh providing astonishing flats in Mohali. The real estate market has seen a massive rise since there has been a spike in the number of purchasers seeking to buy property in Mohali. Here, we will provide you with a one-stop guide to buy flats in Mohali.

The Beauty of Mohali


Estates in Mohali situated in well developed and well established with coordinated communities are an ideal buy for anyone who wants to reside in a peaceful setting, far from the hustle of the metropolitan areas.

Notable for Chandigarh International Airport, Mohali entraps all; whoever places his foot in this special part of Tricity, with its amazing mix of modernization and tradition. With a fast expansion as state’s IT center as well as multiple international sports arenas, Mohali owes everyone a special, exciting experience.

Mohali is among India’s rapidly growing Tier-II cities. Therefore, the prime reasons behind all this fast expansion include connectivity to the City Beautiful Chandigarh, distinguishable choices, and considerable investments on a commercial level for the finest living coefficient.

Also, the government and GMADA (Greater Mohali Area Development Authority) are giving yet more efforts to develop the area.

The region is rising exponentially as a mainstream housing area for individuals in Punjab’s Tricity region. Many variables such as Chandigarh residential scarcity, adjacent social and economic growth, and the availability of lovely green area and scenic beauty make the region quite desirable and tempting.

Why invest in Mohali?


Let’s peek at a handful of the positives as well as advantages of buying flat in Mohali:


It is always necessary for folks looking to settle in the North Indian region to loosen their finances to own a residence. Fortunately, the real estate market in Mohali is significantly lighter on the pocket compared with other neighboring areas like Chandigarh. Also, the living expenses in Mohali are small in comparison to the Chandigarh.

Global Connectivity

Because of its attractive accessibility, the Mohali housing market is perhaps the most beneficial financial spot. As well as established roadways, a Mohali property comes with the finest linkages through road networks. Mohali phases are interlocking with Chandigarh. Also, an airport terminal in the city makes it a regional magnet. International flights to locations such as Dubai, Sharjah & Bangkok are available.

Expanding possibilities for jobs and business

Mohali is North India’s financial center just beside Gurgaon. At such a tempo, facilities and industrial development have attracted many big corporations as well as potential employees into the city. It hosts multinational companies such as Philips, Sebiz Infotech, Dell, SCL, and state-owned local businesses such as Godrej Group, PTL & ICI Paints. As a result, folks are looking for an estate to settle in the financially-favoring area for purchase.


When verifying the property for sale in Mohali, one would be amused by the efficient transport interconnection that the area has to offer. Housing developments are conveniently situated in such a way that it is easy to move and travel whether it is rail, road, or some other way. The town’s railway transport connects it with significant cities such as Delhi, Amritsar, and Ludhiana etc.

Knowledge & Growth

Mohali grew into a center of learning over time. Educational institutions such as the National Nano Technology Institute, the National Institute of Agri-Food Bio-Technology, the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research render this region a prosperous educational field. Moreover, there is a range of development stimulators in the Mohali region. The predicted rise in property values and capital growth in the immediate future is playing a high stake.

Tips to buy flats in Mohali


If you’re one of those who fell in love with flat in Mohali and looking further towards buying a flat in Mohali, you should consider the following tips.

Professional assistance

Purchasing a flat isn’t an easy matter anymore. The norms & regulations, as well as the legal documentation associated with the process, make a Real Estate Agency counselling an utter requirement. It would facilitate the removal of discomforts raised out of neglect of these laws.

Comfortable Location

The first thing to be noted when choosing the venue of the flat is the proximity at which the requisite facilities such as school, college, workplace, health centre, etc. are located. Distant regions could indeed in the longer-term cause discomfort. Although Mohali is quite well linked, the quest for an apartment that has the conveniences at short ranges is never going in desperation.


Make sure the flat has 24×7 power and water availability. Residences with backup systems must get priority.

Check onto the flat

While the estate agent will take you on a residential tour, concentrate on the apartment’s flaws. Consider the broker will be highlighting the flat’s admirable characteristics. Test if the walls have any spill, leaky pipes, and breaches of electrical protection, defective roof structure or so more.

Reasonable Prices

Notice to get an understanding of the prevailing rates at the place in question, so as to prevent being persuaded for a higher rate.

Things to look while planning to buy a flat in Mohali.

Apart from well-designed infrastructure with ample parking area that is budget-friendly, there are several other things to look into before buying a flat in Mohali.

Background of the property

While you’re searching for a flat in Mohali then you’ll need to concentrate on your thought. Since in Mohali, there are commercial real estate offerings available to buy as well as on loan.

Don’t move forward without a comprehensive background research of the contractor that you have selected. Also check its comments, current projects, and online reviews.

Location Review

Be wise about seeking a location for your flat in Mohali. Prefer doing it at a prime spot. Bear in view the considerations for your convenience such as connectivity with key regions, travelling convenience, infrastructure development, linkage to main roads, and other necessities.     

Resale Value

Buying a property is also a policy targeting investment. By buying a property in Mohali you want decent value for your expenditures. Thus, the search will end where there is a possibility of a boost in the value of the property. Therefore, before implementing your purchasing decision you will determine the possible resale value in the future. Take recommendations from experts also to assess the correct interest.

Proper Legal Documentation and Valid Land Records

So, just before purchasing an estate in Mohali, ensure you get all the realities in position. Bear in view the issues discussed and don’t focus on any alternative until you’re thoroughly persuaded of all the elements.

Top 3 Companies offering exotic flats in Mohali

Gillco Parkhills


Gillco Parkhills provides you with some exotic flats in Mohali. Parkhills has consistent experience in the real estate sector and delivers its customers with a vast selection of residential, industrial, commercial, leisure, and institutional estates. This estate company, recognized for its award-winning development project, is absolutely among the most proven and is also acknowledged in the construction and building industry.

Group has been able to create a strong base over time by developing new and engaging areas ever since founded.

Through quality service, ethics, as well as the use of technology, the company has strived to meet the standards of its customers.

Gillco has a location in the center of Mohali and also well linked to VR Punjab. Just minutes away are the airlines and medical facilities like Fortis, and MAX hospitals. There are also plenty of top-notch educational institutions to choose from.

Highland Park Homes


Highland Park Zone present you prepared to move 2BHK, 3BHK & 4BHK luxury flats/residences/apartments in the cleanest and greenest place in Zirakpur (Chandigarh Capital Region) ideally located at Patiala Highway close to Mohali International Airport, shopping centres, and industrial advancements. It stretches over a 22-acre land featuring business and residential homes, eco-friendly housing with lush greenery, gated community, 3-tier safety, ensuring 24X7 family protections with modern luxuries.

Quark City


QuarkCity is a multi-use growth that involves workplaces, residential buildings, retail outlets, flats in Mohali, and the Special Economic Zone. QuarkCity is situated in the Mohali district of Punjab, within the expanded grid of Le Corbusier ‘s contemporary city of Chandigarh, 265 km (166 miles) north of India’s capital New Delhi. QuarkarkCity is growth in Mohali, Punjab that encompasses world-class housing, industrial, retail and hotel facilities, and an IT / ITES SEZ (Special Economic Zone).

Property in Mohali


All in all, buying a flat in Mohali takes an effort, however, the builders in the city assure you well-furnished apartments at prime locations.  It is pocket-friendly as well as convenient to buy a property in the region.

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