Door-to-door oxygen refill in Panchkula as an initiative

On Sunday, the district administration will launch a door-to-door oxygen cylinder refilling in Panchkula as an initiative.

According to Deputy Commissioner MK Ahuja, an individual must go to http://oxygenhry.in and apply to get an oxygen refill supply at home. “During these trying times, we all need to work together.” We’ve agreed to refill oxygen cylinders at Covid patients’ homes,” the DC said.

Door-to-door oxygen refill

The DC explained that when a patient visits the website, he or she must register a mobile phone and include a picture of their Aadhaar card, the oxygen level in an oximeter, their name, and their age. Hence, the request would be processed, and the Red Cross Society would supply the refill of oxygen.

Aside from that, the administration was enlisting the assistance of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). And has been enrolling those who show interest on the portal. Moreover, they or the Red Cross Society would communicate with the victims. Residents would receive a message on their phone, and the oxygen refill supply would be sent, he said. Adding that each cell phone would only be able to receive the supply once per day.

Victims in home confinement with co-morbidities require oxygen, and door-to-door delivery will reduce hospital overcrowding. This allows the allocation of beds to more severe patients. As per the officials, the move will also put an end to the black-market sale of oxygen refill that is currently taking place in the world.

Sant Nirankari Bhawan is a Covid facility.

Because of the recent increase in Covid-19 incidents, the Panchkula DC designated Sant Nirankari Bhawan, Sector 9, as a dedicated Covid care center. The MC commissioner will ensure sanitization and make the appropriate arrangements for solid and biomedical waste disposal at Bhawan. The deputy commissioner of police would ensure that adequate police officers were deployed. Moreover, the civil surgeon would ensure that appropriate medical services were available. He also mentions that the SDM has been the nodal officer for oxygen refills. He will work along with the Barwala block creation and panchayat officer for door to door facility.

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