Chandigarh girl donated 5000 sanitary napkins


Rehmat Swami, a 17-year old student of Class 12 Chandigarh girl donated 5000 sanitary napkins in the hotspot of Chandigarh, Bapu Dham Colony. The area has been announced as the containment zone. There is an urgent need for daily necessities.

As the days are passing by the number of infected persons has been rapidly increasing in this area. The hike in the number of active cases of COVID-19 in Chandigarh in the last few days reflects the seriousness of the situation.

Rehmat Swami, a 17-year old student of Class 12 Chandigarh girl donated 5000 sanitary napkins in the hotspot of Chandigarh, Bapu Dham Colony. Click To Tweet
The Initiative

This girl started the project of donation of sanitary napkins for Women living in the containment zone of Chandigarh. This area has residents who are in need of financial assistance.

The whole idea was to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene during lockdown. Likewise, the goal was to remove the neglect regarding the issue of menstrual hygiene and to promote the use of sanitary napkins.

The collection of sanitary napkins have been through community donations. Later, the napkins are given to the Sector 26 Police Officials who will distribute them to the women in the area. The area is the hotspot of Chandigarh due to an increase in the number of COVID-19 patients. The residents lack access to daily necessities and need assistance.

The Need

Furthermore, lack of menstrual hygiene can cause severe infections. In the worst cases, it can be a threat to the life of the infected woman. There are a number of women who do not have access to sanitary napkins. Due to that, it is important to maintain menstrual hygiene for women. It is the duty of the administration to provide pads to the women as essentials.

A Taboo

 There had been many awareness programs to make people aware of the menstrual hygiene. However, it is still an ignored issue by many individuals. Women feel ashamed while talking about it considering it a Taboo. Taboo is a malpractice which is not be discussed socially. The men of our society avoid talking about these issues. Hence, both the men and women must be aware of it.

The Risk of Life

In addition, many women lose their lives due to the lack of menstrual hygiene. The initiative taken by this girl is a big step in clearing such bad practices in our society. The women need to open up about their physical issues. As the lack of menstrual hygiene affects physical as well as mental health.

The Donation of pads

The donors must leave the pads in the dropbox outside her residence in Sector 9. She also contributed from her personal collection of pads. It was a helpful initiative taken by the girl for women in need of care.

Social Work by student of Class 12

Moreover, the girl works with slums, orphanages, and low-income schools to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene for women. She has distributed pads to needy women before by setting up Pad Banks. The Pad Banks provide free pads to the women who are unable to afford it. These Pad Banks get the refill from the donations.

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