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How can you get the COVID vaccine in Chandigarh

We have a step-to-step guide on how to get the Covid vaccine in Chandigarh. To finally eliminate the threat of COVID-19 disease, India’s central and state governments are preparing to launch the largest-ever cross-national covid vaccination campaign in the country’s history.

On January 13, 2021, the covid vaccine in Chandigarh campaign started. People in Chandigarh are still perplexed about the steps they must take to receive the much-anticipated vaccine shot. 

Initially, the eligibility for covid vaccination in Chandigarh as well as around the country was above 45 years. However, recently government notified that from May 1, 2021, all adults above 18 years of age will be eligible to get vaccinated.

So the government has issued an eight-step guide for the delivery of life-saving vaccines for all the citizens. Additionally, We have made this blogpost to aware the people of city on how to Covid Vaccine in Chandigarh.

Covid vaccine registration

Firstly, step 1 is to register. Any person who wishes to receive the covid vaccine in Chandigarh must register (as the beneficiary) on the Co-WIN system using photo identification evidence. Moreover, it’s worth noting that Co-WIN is a government-developed app that allows the government to preserve accurate data and carry out the vaccination campaign in a transparent manner.

Secondly, to get vaccination information: Once the registration is full, the beneficiary will receive an SMS. It will be on the phone number provided throughout registration.

SMS Confirmation

  1. The beneficiary’s Covid vaccine in Chandigarh registration will be confirmed in the first SMS.
  2. The second SMS will contain the date, period, and location of the covid vaccine for the same beneficiary.
  3. After the beneficiary has received the first dose of the vaccine, the third SMS will be sent. It will confirm the next dose’s due date. 
  4. The fourth SMS will confirm the second dose’s completion and include a connection to a digital certificate.

Step 3 – Vaccination Officer No. 1 (VO-1): The government has designated a few Vaccination Officers to assist beneficiaries with the covid vaccination phase on location. The VO-1 will pre-check the beneficiary’s registration and photo ID evidence, as well as assist in crowd management at the location.

Step 4 – Verification Officer No. 2 (VO-2): The VO-2 can use Co-WIN to cross-check and authenticate the beneficiaries’ records.

Step 5: Vaccination Officer No. 3 (VO-3): This officer would be a medical professional who will administer the vaccine to the beneficiary.

Step 6 – Waiting period: After receiving the vaccine, the recipient will have to wait in the “observation area” for 30 minutes to monitor any minor to significant side effects.

Step 7 – Second dose: The beneficiaries must come for the second dose on the due date. It will also be stated in the SMS sent after the first dose of the covid vaccine in Chandigarh, to ensure full safety against COVID-19.

What kind of identification documents are acceptable?

Most importantly, you can use your Aadhaar card/letter, your electoral photo identification card, your passport, your driver’s license, your PAN card, your NPR smart card, or your pension document with a snapshot to get Covid vaccine in Chandigarh.

Is it possible for a beneficiary to step in without first registering on Co-win for Covid vaccine?

Yes, indeed a beneficiary to step in without first registering on Co-win for Covid vaccine in Chandigarh. They will provide a certain number of mobilization slots. Also, walk-in facilities will be available at certain covid vaccine centers: Registration, consultation, verification, and vaccination. They all will take place on the same day on-site. Also, there will be no need to pre-register beneficiaries online for this.

States/UTs have been asked to make sure that private health facilities have sufficient space for the covid vaccination process. As outlined in the Ministry’s comprehensive SOPs, basic cold chain gear for storing vaccine vials, their team of vaccinators, as well as staff. Also, a facility to handle any adverse events following immunization cases.

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