Stadium & Golf Club are preparing to reopen

Stadium & Golf Clubs are preparing to reopen in Chandigarh. The UT administration has approved the reopening of the Stadium & Golf Club. This decision is made under the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

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The guidelines do not permit games requiring close proximity. On the other hand, events like swimming and gym got permission to reopen.

The decision was taken by the state executive committee of state disaster management authority. The committee will provide a set of guidelines for the administration to follow. The management must follow guidelines strictly.

Basic Requirements

Firstly, the maintenance work of Stadium & Golf Club is a prominent requirement. As the place has been shut down for the last two months. The premises must be clean for use.

After that, the concerned authorities prepare a list of events which include close proximity;  in order to maintain the social distancing.

The administration will conduct sessions with the coaches before the reopening of Stadium. The coaches will get directions about the reopening.

The respective sports association can make their own guidelines for better administration. These guidelines should be regarding social distancing and preventive measures against COVID-19.

Moreover, a number of 6000 trainees will train at Sports Complexes. Similarly, more than 700 golfers will play at the Golf Club.


There are certain guidelines by MHA for the authorities of Stadium & Golf Club. These guidelines are for the safety of members and to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Due to the proximity during the events, a mere mistake can lead to spread of COVID-19.

The golfers must wear face masks all the time for their safety. The members must maintain no physical contact and a minimum distance of four feet with each other. The places like restaurants, bars, gym, pool, card room, etc will remain closed. All the members will go through screening before entering the club.

The member will confirm the entry by booking on the phone. Consequently, the administration will allow only one member to enter per cart in the Club.

The complexes like Tennis Stadium and Golf Club will reopen after proper sanitization. The staff must follow the safety measures.

The authorities will decide the timings suitable for the availability of complexes. There must be hand sanitizers available for the members. The staff management must ensure the hygiene of the complex as well as the staff members.

The timings must be between 7 am to 7 pm under the guidelines of MHA.

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