Chandigarh to carry out door-to-door vaccine awareness drive

Healthcare workers will soon begin a door-to-door vaccine awareness drive this week. This initiative will promote and encourage people to come forward and get vaccinated. People must be well informed that getting vaccinated is the only way to break the chain of transmission.

The collected by the healthcare workers during the awareness drive will help them to get the data of areas where people have not yet come forward to get vaccinated.

Till now, a total of 88,299 have been vaccinated including the public, health care and frontline workers. Seeing the sharp rise in the cases in the city, boosting of door-to-door vaccine drive is a must. The surge in the cases have reported to an average of 247 cases daily and 14 deaths. This data is collected on the last 10 days average.

This year Chandigarh has reported a high rise in cases with 341 cases. The recovery ratio is 87.5 percent i.e. for every 100 confirmed cases, 87 have recovered. But, in the last couple of days, the ration has been by 1 per cent each day.

Up until now, 321189 tests have been conducted by the UT administration.

Vaccination Drive

The ongoing vaccine drive has been a success as the people in the bracket of 46-60 year received their first dose of vaccine on Saturday. The 50-60 age group has more chances of getting infected so this bracket was given priority.

Register for COVID-19 Vaccination in Tricity (India)

If you or your family haven’t registered themselves yet then please do it. The registration for the vaccine opened on 1st March from 9 AM till 1 PM daily. At present, senior citizens ( above 60 years) and people aged 45 or more with two or more diseases (comorbidities) can register. There are two ways to register yourself for the vaccine. First, Aarogya Setu App and second, by registering on the portal https://www.cowin.gov.in/home.

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