These are the newly approved Chandigarh speed limits

Chandigarh new speed limits have been announced by the Chandigarh Traffic Police. On Tuesday, the Chandigarh Traffic Police have made a declaration that the city’s speed limits had been revamped.

As on roads separating markets, cars can now go up to 60 kmph, up from 50 kmph formerly. On dual carriageway roads (i.e. roads with dividers), all passenger vehicles with no more than eight seats will go up to 60 kmph. Also 50 kmph on single carriageway roads (without dividers), and 40 kmph on sector roads.

Furthermore, on dual carriageway roads, passenger vehicles with nine or more seats and vehicles carrying commercial goods. They can travel up to 50 kilometers per hour. Whereas single carriageway roads and sector roads can only travel 40 kilometers per hour.

Motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles can travel at speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour on dual carriageway roads. And 40 kilometers per hour on a single carriageway and sector roads.

The traffic police said they would send a letter to the civic engineering wing to request that there should be a revision of the signboards.

Many motorists pointed out that the UT’s original speed warning, which has been per the implementation in 2013, was difficult to understand as the number of overspeeding challans grew exponentially. The speed limit on the roads leading to Mohali differed from the rest of the district, causing some confusion.

Chandigarh speed limit as per division of the roads

Many citizens were also unfamiliar with the terms in use, which would include V1 and V2.

There has been a division of roads into three broad categories for Chandigarh speed limit. According to the notification: dual carriageway (roads with dividers; previously V1 and V2), single carriageway (roads without dividers; previously V3 and V4), and sector roads (previously V5 and V6).

The 60 kmph speed limit on major roads such as Dakshin Marg, Purv Marg, and Madhya Marg remains unchanged.

Dual carriageways (roads with dividers), single carriageways (roads without dividers), and sector roads are the three basic categories of roads.

The transport department released a notification on Tuesday, making the Chandigarh new limits official. They have been following the traffic police’s recommendation to make speed limits uniform across Chandigarh roads.

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