Chandigarh Matka Chowk gets a makeover, installed Murmurations

Chandigarh Matka Chowk gets a makeover by getting murmurations installed. Murmurations is an installation of inspiration by a flock of birds in flight, which represents the human spirit’s liberation.

A ring of ‘birds’ perched on steel poles of varying, asymmetrical heights encircles the central water pitcher, symbolizing the mortal search for the heavens. Perhaps its mysterious composition would elicit each observer’s interpretation in his or her idiom. Subtle lighting transforms nocturnal ‘murmurations’ into nocturnal abstractions of light and voids at night.

There were some concerns that the closely spaced steel rods would obscure the view, but these concerns were dispelled by the diaphanous curtain formed by the rods rather than any opacity. Although the complete concept of the installation, which includes replacing the ‘matka’ with a better art form and making the birds more visible than their perches, has yet to undergo realization.

Chandigarh Underpass, story from another 100 meters away

Due to the seemingly relentless pandemic, the city’s Chandigarh Underpass has taken on a despairing, desolate appearance, in contrast to its previous vibrating crowds.

However, two new projects have infiltrated the city center with art and vibe. The massively over-scaled pedestrian Chandigarh underpass linking Sector 17 Plaza and the Rose Garden. It is only occasionally for its intended function. However, by default, it has discovered an interesting feature. The massive covered area, which is open to the public, has quickly become a popular venue for art exhibitions. It also caters to other events in the city.

The credit goes to the city’s cultural organizations’ creativity and resilience, as the city’s museums were padlocked during the lockdowns. They discovered the underpass to be a unique “inside-outside space” that has been easily accessible to the public during the Covid-19 restrictions. It is in use as a venue for putting on art shows and other events.

Art in the park or plazas

If Chandigarh museums won’t offer it, innovative exhibition stands holding up art canvases or other displays have taken art to the people. Such mobile art exhibits also open up a slew of other potential possibilities.

The fascinating size and enclosure of its forecourt as one descends below from the Sector 17 Chandigarh plaza adds to the popularity of this “passage to art.”

The court has grown in popularity as a venue for improvised public performances in Chandigarh. It’s usually full of spectators cheering amateur singers. As they belt out iconic Bollywood songs or skaters perform ballet dances to the lilting melodies floating through the air. These are the echo chambers of a city that is listening to itself.

Another recent art event in the city took place just a few hundred meters from the underpass. A captivating art installation named “murmurations” at the city’s Matka Chowk roundabout is mesmerizing. It is located at the intersection of the city’s two most prominent roads, Jan Marg and Madhya Marg.

For years, the chowk has been characterized by a domical, pitcher-like container that spews water from its mouth and cascades down below. The show-piece feature, which was once brimming with flowers in the spring, fell into disrepair and neglect for years. The only sounds were cacophonic traffic noises, blaring horns, and frayed nerves of marauding drivers.

However, this nodal roundabout recently received a makeover with the addition of an innovative art elements.

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