Chandigarh has the highest COVID-19 recovery rate in India

Chandigarh has the highest COVID-19 recovery rate in India, according to the data released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. A sum of 3,59,859 COVID-19 patients recovered from the highly infectious disease across the nation.

However, the coronavirus cases have surpassed the 6-lakh mark with 648,315 cases all around the country.

Though the country’s recovery rate is rapidly approaching 60 percent with the gap among recovered and active cases rising to 1,32,912. Yet we need to follow the mandatory safety measures against COVID-19 virus.

Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu saw strong recoveries in their states, while Chandigarh, Meghalaya, is one of the cities that has seen the highest recovery rate so far. The medical facilities are excelling in these regions providing better recovery rates.

“Over 10,000 daily recoveries have resulted in comprehensive clinical management of the Covid-19 cases,” the ministry said in a statement.

 Besides  Chandigarh has achieved an 82.3 percent recovery rate, Meghalaya emerged second against the national recovery rate of 80.8 percent and Rajasthan at 79.6 percent, respectively.

Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat not only registered the majority of COVID-19 patients but also saw the most absolute number of recoveries. However, the danger is still out there luring over these states.

List of 15 states with highest COVID-19 recovery rate

1. Chandigarh-82.3%

2. Meghalaya-80.8%

3. Rajasthan-79.6%

4. Uttarakhand-78.6%

5. Chhattisgarh-78.3%

6. Tripura-78.3%

7. Bihar-77.5%

8. Mizoram-76.9%

9. Madhya Pradesh-76.9%

10. Jharkhand-76.6%

11. Odisha-73.2%

12. Gujarat-72.3%

13. Haryana-70.3%

14. Ladakh-70.1%

15. Uttar Pradesh-69.1%

Furthermore, according to the “Test, Trace, Treat” strategy, there has been a steady rise in the samples tested every day with more than 90 lakh samples being tested to date, as per the ministry said. Also, around 2,29,588 samples have been tested over the last 24 hours. The cumulative number of samples tested is almost 90,56,173 as of the date.

The country’s research laboratory network has further improvements as per the recovery rate. There are as many as 1065 laboratories in the country with 768 government sector labs as well as 297 private labs.

Moreover, the state and the medical professional are giving their best to overcome this pandemic situation in the country.
Also, a vaccine has been prepared by an Indian pharmaceutical company which recently has got approval for human trials.

The hike in recovery rate is although a relief about the situation, however, the rising number is still a matter of concern.

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