Chandigarh Caffe Tonino serves delicious Pasta Flambe

Caffe Tonino in Sector 8, Chandigarh, is spot for Italian and Continental flavors like baked potatoes, pizza, pasta, and coffee tiramisu. But the major highlight is their delicious ‘Pasta Flambe with Truffle Oil’ which is one of its kind in the Tricity. The whole place gives a nice and authentic Italian vibe.

The Pasta Flambe has a unique taste. The chef brings his cooking station to your table and cooks right in front of you. It is prepared by burning the alcohol (preferably Vodka) and put inside the cheese wheel to melt the cheese. As soon as the cheese melts, the al dente pasta is put inside the wheel and mixed together with the cheese. This give pasta its required cheesy flavor and texture. After its cooked, the chef folds the pasta clockwise and places it on the plate. At last, the customer enjoys the past by pouring a little Truffle oil onto it. This last addition gives the Pasta Flambe its authentic Italian taste.

The price of Pasta Flambe with Truffle Oil is ₹ 950. Although, the cuisine is expensive but sure is a must try for its flavor and a new rich exhilarating experience.

Their baked potatoes and traditional wood-fired pizzas infused with the natural woody flavor pizza has gained much popularity among the people. Not to forget, the aromatic cup of coffee one can enjoy with sweet music giving the much needed intimate and relaxed dining experience.

Caffe Tonino has a pleasing rustic Tuscan ambience . It is a best place in Chandigarh to experience the charm of Italy.

When it comes to health and safety, Caffe Tonino practices all the said measures required under COVID-19 situation. Reservations and masks are required. With the new change in restriction guidelines of having 50 % occupancy at the restaurants. It is advisable to reserve a table beforehand. The staff checks the temperature before entering the place. Proper disinfection is done between visits by the staff.

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