Chandigarh Administration fixes rates for private hospitals

As per the policy set of the UT Administration, the rates for private hospital wards will be all inclusionary as a package. The plan will cover the cost of medical treatment for existing pandemic conditions that cover medical services and the cost of prescribing for the treatment period of COVID-19.

Medical facilities at private hospitals


 Nevertheless, certain medications are excluded from the package and must be charged at the rate. It has been verified that such medications should be given to the infected after a medical review.

Since the costs for comorbidity medical treatment would be part of the service, emergency measures requirement for comorbid conditions such as CAS will be paid extra. This will require short-term hemodialysis (one dialysis) during current admissions as part of emergency treatment.

The fees do not include the expense of the diagnostic COVID-19 test.

To pregnant mothers, the hospital will charge additional charges for the delivery. Also, there will be treatment of newborns according to the prevalent levels of the related products. Also, major surgical operations performing on the patients throughout hospital stay would be paid extra.

The Administration clarifies that the plasma therapy charges “beyond the ICMR report” will address later as per the guidelines of the Government.

Often, patients with mild disease who do not want to go for home isolation or government COVID care centers that opt for payment-based health facilities that may not be a hospital. However, temporary isolation facilities built-in hospital or non-hospital premises.

Test without prescription


The health department also permitted three private laboratories authorized by the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR). They are to perform, on a payment basis, RT-PCR tests for Covid-19 detection without prescription. These three laboratories are there in Sector 11 – SRL Labs, Atulaya Healthcare, and Metropolis Healthcare. They will publish tests online.

Such institutions would need to adhere to national and regional guidelines on Covid-19 patient acceptance. The regular rates will include comorbidity treatment. However, emergency intervention for these conditions will charge extra. As according to the order issued by UT Secretary of Health, Arun Gupta.

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