The rapid increase in challans in Chandigarh

The rapid increase in challans in Chandigarh. It points to effective compliance and comes at a time when city roads have been given standardized. The speed limits help with visibility and implementation.

This year, the Chandigarh traffic police have given 14,804 challans in Chandigarh for speeding, up from 1,636 fines at the same time last year.

The ninefold increase points to greater compliance and comes at a time when standard speed limits for city roads. They have been announcing to help with visibility and implementation.

The installation of automatic number plate recognition systems and the issuance of traffic violation information slips since May last year, according to Palak Goel, deputy superintendent of police (DSP, traffic administration). “We urge all vehicles to obey speed limits for their own protection, or else we will take action,” she warns.

Meanwhile, the number of challans in Chandigarh in April has been decreasing. As traffic cops wait for new speed limit signs to be installed before resuming patrols. Even last year, the number of challans in Chandigarh dropped to just four in April. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, which restricts vehicular movement.

When it comes to the new speed limits, not everyone is on board. Harman Sidhu, president of the ArriveSafe NGO and a member of the University of Texas Road Safety Council. He has written to the administrator requesting an increase in speed limits to reduce challans in Chandigarh.

According to the World Health Organization, a 5% reduction in speed will result in a 30% reduction in road fatalities. All roads lack pavements. Driving at 40 km/h on a sector road while pedestrians walk along the same stretch will result in numerous accidents,” he said. There have been increasing challans in Chandigarh.

For the first offense, light motor vehicles and two-wheelers are fined Rs.1,000. While medium and heavy vehicles charge a fine of Rs.2,000. The fines for subsequent offenses are Rs.1,500 for two-wheelers, Rs.2,000 for light motor vehicles, and Rs.4,000 for medium and heavy vehicles. For the second and subsequent offenses, they need to submit a driver’s license for three months for the challan in Chandigarh.

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