Book Online IELTS Academic Test During COVID-19

You can now book online IELTS Academic Test during COVID-19 in Chandigarh. It is happy news for the people planning to continue their education in abroad.

You can now book online IELTS Academic Test during COVID-19 in Chandigarh. Click To Tweet

Most of you have been worried about taking IELTS Academic Test during COVID-19 and lockdown. But like every other problem, this too has a solution. It is called IELTS Indicator.

What is IELTS Indicator?

book-online-IELTS-academic-test-during-Covid19-in chandigarh

IELTS Indicator is a test that can be taken online from ease and safety of your home.

The test format is same as IELTS exam including the four skills:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

You will be marked and scored by IELTS examiners for which you will receive the test results within seven days.

Although, Academic test is available for a limited time. We are aware that IELTS testing is currently suspended due to COVID-19. You can visit their official websites for the updates.

Note: This test is available for IELTS Academic Training and not for IELTS General Training for migration purposes.

IELTS Indicator Fees: $149 USD

Before you book your IELTS Indicator, be sure to cross-check it with the university you are applying to because IELTS Indicator provides an indicative score. It is not accepted by every university.

The minimum age requirement for the test is 16. Candidates younger than 16 are not eligible to apply for IELTS Indicator. Also, candidates of 16 & 17 are required to get a consent form signed by their parent/guardian and have them chaperoned to the IELTS Indicator Speaking test.

The test will follow a strict timing rule. You’ll not be excused to pause the test for approximately 2 hours & 45 minutes.

What IELTS Indicator Test Format?

  • Reading: 60 minutes 40 questions
  • Listening: 30 minutes 40 questions
  • Writing: 60 minutes 2 tasks
  • Speaking: 11 to 14 minutes 3 tasks over Video Call

Note: IELTS Indicator Speaking test will have a one-to-one conversation. Keep your passport/ ID with you that you used while booking the exam. Also, keep a pen and paper.

You can not take this exam if you do not have a working web camera.

What are the necessary equipment and set up required?

  1. Quiet & comfortable place.
  2. A desktop or laptop (MAC or PC only).
  3. Cannot take the test on a phone or tablet.
  4. Make sure your computer meets the minimum and recommended system requirements.
  5. A stable internet connection.
  6. Speakers or headphones connected to your PC or laptop.
  7. A computer with a microphone and camera for the speaking test.
  8. Passport/ID document for the speaking test.

Note: The exam is called IELTS Indicator and not ILETS Indicator.

You can visit https://www.ieltsindicator.com/book/ to book your test.

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