Best Lounges in Chandigarh

The Best Lounges in Chandigarh

We are all waiting for this longest ever Pandemic to end. We all want to sip on some ice-cold beer and cocktails. While waiting for this lockdown to end look at the list of 5 best lounges in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh the party capital of Punjab and Haryana is highly influenced by the Punjabi community. Famous for its Gehri route, clubs, bars, and lounges it can easily be called the Mecca of party animals in the north. For Punjabi’s there is nothing in moderation, we here in Chandigarh live life king size. So pump yourself up and get ready to party in the best lounges in Chandigarh.

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The high street of Chandigarh Sector-26 is one of the hub of lounges and bars. It is one of the most upcoming happening areas in the Tricity area. This area is centrally located in Chandigarh which makes it is easily accessible to everyone around the city.

Ministry of Bar exchange

MOBE is one of the best lounges in Chandigarh

Ministry of Bar Exchange is one of the best Lounges in the Tri-city area of Chandigarh. It offers a great variety of alcohol, beer, cocktails, and mocktails. The very unique thing about MOBE is that it offers dynamic pricing which means the price of the drinks increases as you buy more. So make sure to buy enough lol.

The food at MOBE, is one of its kind. The presentation of the food is so picturesque that every item is perfect for your Instagram feed. So click a lot of pictures and #blogtricity to get featured on our Instagram page. Also, MOBE is a multi-cuisine place and a perfect place for a first date.

As soon as you enter the place the servers will give you a tablet that can be used to place an order. The dynamic prices can be seen on this tablet, which acts like stocks. This means that the first drink in the morning is the cheapest. The ambiance at the Ministry of Bar exchange is very inviting and lifts your mood.

This location offers live music and artists like Karan Aujla perform here. So make sure to check their website for information about the live music and DJ events.

On an average couple dinner will cost you around INR 2000, which is very reasonable for such a lovely location.

The Ministry of Bar Exchange is located inside the Elante mall on the top floor. Parking is located in front of the mall for INR 40 for car and INR 20 for 2-wheeler. If you are in Chandigarh, make sure to visit Elante mall and visit MOBE.

26 Boulevard

26 Boulevard

Housed amidst the busy neighborhood of Sector 26 is 26 Boulevard. Sector 26 is sprawling with bars, clubs, and lounges. This is one of the best in that area. So you don’t like the hustle-bustle of clubs, but do want to enjoy the ambiance. Then 26 Boulevard is the place to be. It gives you the taste of that amazing Chandigarh nightlife but, in moderation. This, in fact, is one of the best lounges in Chandigarh.

Open way past the midnight clock, the place is always upbeat and ready with some amazing tunes for you to dance on. The crowd is usually in their 20’s and 30’s which makes the place full of energy.

Ever heard of a Herbal LIIT, yeah you heard it right. 26 Boulevard offers a Herbal LIIT, an orange banta, achari daiquiri and a chocolate margarita. The bar is very creative and can even make the most boring drinks in to something you will keep sipping on.

Choice of drinks

Even though we see the creative touch in the drinks, 26 Boulevard maintains traditional appetizers and main course items. Zaafrani Pista paneer malai is a must-try. Other items that should be on try list mushroom and cheese cigars, lime-honey glazed prawns, Kastoori murgh kebab, and mushroom toasties.

Make sure to keep some space in your stomach for the delicious main-course which includes the likes of Malaysian fish curry, thyme polenta, and mutton chaap masaledar. To top it off do try their delicious strawberry cheesecake and coffee rosagulla tiramisu.

The cost of dinner for two is around INR 1200 and the place is open 7 days from 11:30 am to 12:30 am. Make sure to post pictures with #blogtricity on our Instagram page.



Chandigarh has a lot of hidden gems and this is one of them. Poison is an all in one Lounge, Bar and Nightclub. It is easily one of the best lounges in Chandigarh. Located in Sector 17 A, it is at the very center of the city.

Poison brings a very vibrant and unique infrastructure to the residents of Chandigarh. It turns in to a nightclub during the weekends. Poison has a wide variety of drinks from home brews to imported wines and liquor. On average a beer pint will cost you around INR 250. All the cocktails are for INR 500 except the special Long Island ice tea which will cost you around INR 600. Poison special Sangria is a must-try along with a wide range of “naughty shots“.

Food that will make you lick your fingers

The place serves multi-cuisine food at very reasonable prices. Tandoori chicken chaat is a must-try, and it will cost you INR 400. If you are a fan of seafood, tandoori Jhinga is a must-try. They also have a wide range of tandoori items as they have live tandoor on site. On average it costs around INR 1000 for 2 people. This also could be the perfect first date, so treat them with a lovely meal here.

Wait there is more good news, this place keeps surprising us. This place has the best Shisha in town. So grab your friends and head over there for some shots and shisha. Visit this place and let us know if this one of the best lounges in Chandigarh for you. Make sure to tag us on the Instagram page with the #blogTricity to get featured on our page.



The name speaks for itself and is bound to get some traffic just because of it. Chandiland definitely needs to make the list of the best lounges in Chandigarh. Chandiland gives a tribute to all the symbols of Chandigarh from the symbolic hand to rock garden sculptures. This place is conveniently located in Sector 7 and is open from 12 PM to 12 AM.

Chandiland has both indoor and outdoor areas. The outdoor area is usually very busy due to the amazing house blend shishas and hookahs. This makes it a perfect weekend outing for a younger crowd, but family dining is usually limited to the indoors.

Drink in style

Chandiland has its own mascot, the guy sitting on the bench in the picture above. Make sure you click a lot of pictures and tag us using the #blogtricity on our Instagram page to get featured.

Drinks and food

The place is very famous because of the music gigs and artists they host. They serve multi-cuisine food and dinner for 2 will cost you around INR 1000. A little insider tip, make sure you stick to the usual favorites like “Murg Tikka“, Bharwa Khumb Kaali Mirch” and the famous “Shikampuri Seekh Kebab. Make sure you try their “Keema Naan with Gravy“, you will be licking your fingers all the way through the dish.

Nubz Cafe

Located on the high street of Chandigarh, this is place is nothing less than the others listed above. It is located on Madhya Marg in Sector 26 and is open from 11 am to 12:30 am. Nubz which in English means “Pulse” is sprawling with the younger age groups.

The ambiance is a very modern style and they offer a great variety of hookahs, which makes it the perfect spot for the evening. This being one of the newest additions to the high street of Chandigarh. There are both indoor and outdoor seating available.

Great Variety of food options

This place is perfect for large groups as they have benches that are a bit uncomfortable to sit on but can accommodate quite a few people. This one of the very popular places for Kitty parties during the day. They serve multi-cuisine food and have the usual favorites on the menu card. A little insider tip, make you try the “Tandoori Momos“, “Prawn Tempura“.

Dinner for 2 will cost you about INR 800 without the drinks. Overall this can definitely make it to the list of the best lounges of Chandigarh. Make sure to tag us #blogTricity on Instagram to be featured on our page. Nubz cafe will keep your pulse and heartbeat high. Sit and relax with a house hookah.

If you are in the Tricity area make sure you go through this list of best lounges in Chandigarh. Let us know if you think we should review more places for you.

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For now Stay safe and Stay healthy and tag #blogtricity on Instagram to let us know about your reviews.

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