79 year Old Woman beats Coronavirus: PGI

A 79 year old woman is now the oldest person to defeat Coroanvirus in the city. She was discharged from Post- Graduation Institute of Medical Education and Research’s (PGIMER).

Old and young walk out together

Another 9 year old was discharged along with the 79 year old, they were sent off together. This created a an emotional scene at the hospital where reporters and front line workers gave them a send off.

G.D. Puri, Head of anesthesia and Intensive care unit said: ” Today we discharged a 79- year old lady from Chandigarh who admitted to PGI Nehru hospital extension on April 20″.

“She was not a known case of a heart disease . Our cardiac anesthetist K.P. Gaurav did her examination and found doubt of cardiac ailment. He immediately did echocardiography and found severe aortic stenosis in this woman. Subsequently, she was managed in Covid ICU with postural therapy, oxygen as well as other cardiac medications.”

The elderly lady, a resident of Sector 38, she thanked the PGIMER team for the all the care that was shown. She also said that she was proud of the all the front-line workers. She with tears in her eyes said,” seeing everyone cheering, greeting and taking pictures is very very touching. This is what makes us human.”

The young girl was very happy as she was walking toward the ambulance and she excitedly shared her story and journey. This gives us a hope that Covid-19 is beatable. Together we can cure Coronavirus ( Covid-19).

Coronavirus Update

2 more people- a 67 year old male, resident of sector 15 and another 52 year old male from Markanda town in Haryana were given all clear from Coronavirus and have been transferred to other departments to treat their specific medical issues.

Even though the country’s total cases are closing 1 lac, but the recovery rate is increasing by the day. Right now the city’s recovered cases are at 41 including today’s discharged cases.

Check out the number of cases here on Coronavirus world meter

Stay safe and Stay home.

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